Thelos Redburn

Thelos Redburn
Born 3031
Affiliation House Redburn
Count of Terrestria (Royalston)
Parents Andrew Redburn (father)
Misha Auburn (mother)
Spouse Merina Suarez
Children Theodore Redburn

Thelos Redburn (born 3031 - died 3???) was the son of Andrew Redburn and Misha Auburn. [1]


The eldest son of one of the Federated Suns most decorated war heroes and one of the foremost Lyran Court historians, while many expected Thelos to either enter military service or the discipline of historical research, he instead sought to prove his own path. Long known as a peacemaker among his siblings, Thelos ultimately graduated from the University of Saso with a degree in public policy before entering the FedSuns Foreign Ministry's diplomatic corps. His first assignment was as an assistant to a trade delegate to the St. Ives Compact, Thelos' family's ties to the ruling House Allard-Liao aiding him immeasurably, along with introducing him to his future wife, Countess Merina Suarez, a minor landholder from Royalston, at a social function. While fourteen years his senior, the pair hit it off almost instantly, married after a whirlwind courtship and producing three children in quick succession.[1]

While his personal life blossomed, Thelos' career also prospered with him being appointed as junior ambassador to the Lyran Alliance in 3067, stationed on Skye. With the outbreak of the Word of Blake Jihad though, concern for his family's safety led him to return home to Royalston. Following the formation of the Kittery Prefecture, Thelos' eldest son Theodore Redburn became one of the civilian "young guns" assisting Devlin Stone. Thanks to his son's position and his own personal relationship with the young David Lear from his time in St. Ives, Thelos Redburn assumed an unofficial position as the Federated Suns ambassador to Stone's movement. While expressing some concerns about the political ramifications of Stone's reforms within the Kittery Prefecture, Thelos Redburn advised New Avalon to cautiously support the new micro-state as of 3075.[1] [2]


  • Thelos Redburn was clearly named for his grandfather, Thelos Auburn.
  • As with all Redburn/Auburn children, Thelos Redburn was granted a patent of nobility.[3] He ultimately became Count of Terrestria, Royalston.[1]


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