Theodore Gross

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Theodore Gross (Born. 3020[1] - Died. 3062[2]) was the Solaris VII champion from 3059 to 3062 for the DeLon Stables.[3]


An expatriate from the Draconis Combine and long time high-ranked contender for the Championship, by the early years of the Clan Invasion Theodore Gross had been slowly slipping down the ranks, with many considering his competitive days had long past. This changed with Coordinator Theodore Kurita's formal recognition of the Combine community and warriors on Solaris VII in 3056. As all Combine fighters surged in the standings, Gross began to steadily advance up the ranks again in 3057 and 3058, culminating in his unexpected defeat of Wynn Goddard in 3059, becoming the oldest Champion ever at age thirty-nine. Gross dedicated his first Championship not to the present Coordinator but his deceased father Takashi. For the honor Gross had shown his family, the Coordinator invited Gross to the Combine capital of Luthien as his guest, the invitation made an even more an rare honor as it came during Operation BULLDOG when the Coordinator was heavily focused on the defeat of Clan Smoke Jaguar. [1]

As if the visit home rekindled his passion for the arena, upon his return Theodore Gross was practically untouchable in his next two years of title defenses and championship wins. Gross dedicated his 3060 Championship to Coordinator Theodore Kurita, and his 3061 win to the Coordinator's son Hohiro. Coming less than a month after Theodore Kurita was elected First Lord of the Star League, Gross' 3062 win shocked many diehard Combine patriots when he dedicated it to the exiled First Prince Victor Steiner-Davion and honoring his role in the creation of the Star League even in such trying times in the Lyran Commonwealth and Federated Suns. This dedication drew immediate and public appreciation from the Coordinator and his family, with a salvaged Clan Masakari sent to Gross under the Coordinator's signature.[1]

Fully aware how deadly his new 'Mech was, Gross used it sparingly, though announced plans to use in the next Grand Tournament against those willing to accept the challenge, even offering to turn off half the Masakari's weaponry to ensure a more even match.[1] Ultimately the Clan 'Mech would cost Gross his life, but not while at its controls in the arena. On the eve of the FedCom Civil War as factional tensions on Solaris erupted into open warfare on August 15th, 3062, Gross was murdered for his Masakari by a former Clan Smoke Jaguar MechWarrior named Garret who was incensed at the Combine warrior's use of a Clan OmniMech. [2] With Gross the favorite to have won 3063 Championship, the Solaran Gaming Commission debated awarding him the Championship posthumously, but public outcry and the Commission's own bylaws prevented this.[4]

The 3064 Champion Evelyn Czerny would dedicate her Championship victory to Theodore Gross' memory and all the other warriors killed during the 3062 riots.[4]


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