Theodore Kurita (32nd c.)

Theodore Kurita
Died 1 January 3137
Affiliation House Kurita
Parents Vincent Kurita (father)
Ramiko Nishimura (mother)
Siblings Emi Kurita
Ryuhiko Kurita
Spouse Chomie Kurita

Theodore Kurita II (Born ???? - Died 1 January 3137) - A 32nd Century House Kurita nobleman and heir to the Draconis Combine's throne. He was the eldest son of Vincent Kurita. He was assigned to the 5th Sword of Light.

He was married to Chomie Kurita.

Brief Character History[edit]

Though heir to the throne of the Combine, Theodore suffered from a mysterious illness which he and his father had kept secret from the public and the nobility. His wife had refused to give him a child in fear of passing along the disease. However, he prevailed on her to be artificially impregnated in October, 3136 with a healthy child.[1]

He was killed mysteriously along with the rest of the crew of the WarShip Pride of Kurita when they tried passing through the Fortress Republic space.[2] The ship had somehow jumped back to Dieron with only its K-F Drive intact and its entire crew crushed into atoms.

His wife and unborn child were later assassinated by secret order of the Warlord of New Samarkand.


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