Theta Galaxy (Clan Wolf)

Theta Galaxy
Unit Profile (as of 3145)
Nickname A Strong Foundation
Parent Formation Clan Wolf Touman
Formed unknown


Theta Galaxy was a long-serving second line formation for Clan Wolf. After the Refusal War it wasn't stripped of troops to rebuild the front line Clusters. Instead it served as the primary garrison unit in the Inner Sphere. In fact it was expanded with a new Cluster of troops equipped with BattleMechs from Delta Galaxy piloted by troops drawn from the lower castes.[1]

Theta spent much of the late 3050s and early 3060s shifting between one Inner Sphere garrison posting after another. Their presence dissuaded attacks by their neighboring Clans and suppressed any Spheroid rebellion.[1]

The Wars of Reaving[edit]

In 3067 Theta Galaxy was reassigned to garrison Clan Wolf holdings in the Clan Homeworlds.[2] The Thirteenth Wolf Regulars were left in the Inner Sphere on Steelton. The rest of the Galaxy moved to Tranquil.[3] In late 3067 Clan Hell's Horse's Alpha Galaxy attacked the planet, initially with two clusters, but the fighting became protracted and strung out as more clusters from both Clans entered combat, by January 3068 Alpha Galaxy was reduced to two Clusters and forced to withdraw.[4]

In April 3071, as part of the Wolf Abjurment, the Steel Viper's Gamma Galaxy assaulted Glory, with the aid of Clan Coyote Star Captain Keith Fetladral was able to withdraw a portion of the Twelfth Wolf Regulars to Tranquil. On Eden, the Twelfth Wolf Regulars made a fighting withdrawal against the attacking Steel Vipers and made their final stand in the ruins of a former Clan Burrock enclave. Again with the aid of the Coyotes they managed to inflict heavy casualties on the Vipers. Two weeks later the Blood Spirits’ Sixty-sixth Blood Hussars landed and attacked the enclave, finally destroying the Twelfth Regulars. The Fifth Wolf Cavalry were almost destroyed on Grant's Station by combined forces of Steel Vipers and Goliath Scorpions, only thirteen made it safe to Tranquil.[5]

By May 3071 Tranquil was the last stronghold of the Wolves in the Home Worlds. It was held by the remains of Theta Galaxy commanded by Galaxy Commander Stiles and an additional four clusters raised from trueborn civilians, armed with star league equipment from a Brian Cache. The Wolves were well entrenched and resisted assaults from forces of the Blood Spirits, Cloud Cobras, Steel Vipers, Star Adders, and Ice Hellions throughout June 3071.[6] In December the last remaining warriors of Theta Galaxy in Clan space were wiped out by orbital bombardment from the Clan Steel Viper WarShip Snake Leader.[7]

The Jihad[edit]

In February 3071 the Thirteenth Wolf Regulars were pushed off Steelton with heavy losses. They retreated to Weingarten were they came under operational control of Alpha Galaxy. The Cluster was still stationed here in 3079.[8] However, by 3085 Theta Galaxy had been disbanded and the Thirteenth had been transferred to Alpha Galaxy.[9]

Dark Age[edit]

After the formation of the Wolf Empire, Theta was rebuilt with new recruits from various Free Worlds League planets. The Wolf recruiters trumpeted their betrayal by the Lyran Commonwealth, and encouraged former Marik-Stewart Commonwealth citizens to join in order to strike back at their long-time foes. These tactics worked, and a large number of warriors came from the Inner Sphere. This unit remains a second-line unit, but it is equipped with battle armor and BattleMechs, and the tanks it had been using were passed on to other units.[10]


From 3059 to 3071 the commanding officer was Galaxy Commander Warren Stiles.[1][11]

In 3145 the commanding officer is Galaxy Commander Lois Fetladral. His aide is Star Colonel Kerry.[12]


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Composition History[edit]




  • Thirteenth Wolf Regulars[3]




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