3rd Robinson Chevaliers

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Robinson Chevaliers
Third Robinson Chevaliers
Unit Profile (as of 2765)
Nickname Black Swans
Parent Formation Robinson Chevaliers
Formed 2540


The Third Robinson Chevaliers was one of the regiments within the Robinson Chevaliers brigade which could trace their roots back to the twenty-fourth century through the earlier Vale Rangers brigade of the Terran March Principality of the Federated Suns. Established in 2540 with the re-naming and re-roling of the Vale Rangers in the aftermath of the Davion Civil War, the Third would be an active part of the Armed Forces of the Federated Suns throughout the remainder of the Age of War and the formation of the Star League.[1]

When the few surviving members of the Third's sister regiment, the First Robinson Chevaliers, opted to disband the First in 2729 in the wake of the damage it had taken during the War of Davion Succession the Third - named the "Black Swans" after the short-lived chivalric order - became the oldest regiment within the brigade.[1]


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A veteran unit, the Third was known for being careful and methodical in action and difficult to face directly due to the regiment's heavy throw weight. This methodical nature also made the Third relatively easy to either evade or vulnerable to being outmaneuvered.[1]

Composition History[edit]


Third Robinson Chevaliers (Veteran/Reliable)[2]

- The Third were stationed on Robinson at this point in time[2] and were close to the top of the supply chain for the brigade, helping keep morale at a high level.[2]


  • The Third Robinson Chevaliers and the other regiments of the brigade were presumably destroyed or disbanded during the Succession Wars.


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