3rd Sword of Light

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Third Sword of Light
Unit Profile (as of 2891)
Nickname unknown
Parent Formation Sword of Light
Formed unknown


First Succession War[edit]

In the spring 2787 Coordinator Minoru Kurita launched an attack on the Federated Suns involving over fifty BattleMech regiments to demonstrate the might of the Draconis Combine and support his claim to the throne as First Lord of the Inner Sphere. The first landing on Cartago led by the Coordinator's son Jinjiro Kurita. Thus, the First Succession War begun.

Third Succession War[edit]

During the Third Succession War the Third Sword of Light would serve as the primary Combine forces holding the captured FedSuns world of Robinson. The Federated Suns threw repeated raids to retake the former Draconis March capital which the elite unit easily repulsed, until unbeknownst to the Third, they became unwilling participants in Taragi Kurita's attempt to unseat Coordinator Miyogi Kurita. Seeing the perfect opportunity to discredit Miyogi's son and chosen successor Jon Kurita, commander of the entire FedSuns front, Taragi used his skill at secretly manipulating the DCMS bureaucracy to ensure supplies earmarked for the Third were misrouted elsewhere, leaving them dangerously low on munitions and parts, a fact that would not escape the notice of the Federated Suns. [1]

In late 2891 as part of Armed Forces of the Federated Suns' ongoing Operation Pendragon, Marshal Joseph Davion II led the elite Second Avalon Hussar RCT on a bold invasion of Robinson. While the Third saw the arriving Davion DropShips well in advance, they were not prepared to Joseph's highly risky plan to drop his forces directly into the DCMS troops midst, expecting a more conventional choice of drop zones. Though initially falling back, the elite Third Sword quickly mounted a counterattack which blunted the Second Avalon's advance, fighting toe-to among the buildings of Robinson's capital city. The fighting would drag on for an entire month, though the Third excelling in small unit actions, coordination between the component parts of the Second's RCT allowed them to win in larger scale operations, with the Combine defense beginning to falter as Taragi ramped up his efforts and ensuring that the DCMS troops on-world received no supplies for an entire month. While fighting with all their skill, eventually the lack of supplies forced the imperiled Third Sword of Light to retreat off-planet to avoid destruction, ceding control of the world to the Federated Suns.[1] [2]

Enraged at being forced to retreat due to lack of supplies, when the commanders of the Third Sword angrily approached Jon and Taragi wanting to know who had caused the supply snafu, Taragi sprang his trap. Producing falsified information and the testimony of supposed procurement officer, in truth an ISF officer loyal to Roweena, Taragi presented a mountain of damning evidence implicating Jon Kurita, with the commanders of the Sword of Light regiments responding by most strenuously urging the Coordinator to remove his son and place Taragi in command of the Davion Front. Miyogi attempted to rally his own support in the High Command to save his son, but court rumors that the Coordinator was sending an offer of alliance to the Federated Suns (in truth a smear campaign waged by Taragi's friends within the ISF) scuttled these efforts. The final act was played out by Captain Hideyoshi Toyama, a fanatical young officer in the Third Sword of Light who was desperate to avenge his unit's humiliation on Robinson. With a large explosive device strapped to his chest, Toyama succeeded in entering the Imperial Palace when the Coordinator was seeing petitioners in the Audience Hall, killing 30 people including himself and Miyogi Kurita. When word of the assassination reached the Davion front, Taragi had his ISF contacts arrest Jon Kurita, executing him for negligence and treason after a mock trial. With the death of Miyogi's only male offspring, Taragi became Coordinator of the Draconis Combine unchallenged. [1]

As of 3025, the Third Sword of Light is inactive. [3]




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