Thom Dominguez

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Thom Dominguez
Affiliation Wolf's Dragoons

Thom Dominguez was a MechWarrior with Wolf's Dragoons.


Little information is available about Thom Dominguez. As of October 3026, Dominguez served as a corporal in Major Patrick Chan's Battalion (Baker Battalion, Alpha Regiment) in the Wolf's Dragoons, and took part in the joint Ryuken-Wolf's Dragoons raid on Barlow's End. He had a reputation as the battalion's scrounger both for parts and information.[1]

By 3028, he was listed as a Sergeant piloting a Wolverine in the medium lance in Fraser's Company of Baker Battalion, and was considered to possess elite skills.[2]

Fraser's Company saw extensive action in the urban fighting against the Ryuken-ichi on An Ting, when tensions between Wolf's Dragoons and their employer, the Draconis Combine, came to a head in January 3028. Dominguez was among Captain Dechan Fraser's ad-hoc strike force that spearheaded the Dragoons' final attack in the early morning hours of 13 January. His Wolverine took heavy damage from a head-on attack from a Ryuken Charger, including gyro damage.[3][4]

Fraser's company, including Dominguez, later fought with the Dragoons on Misery, where Dominguez's Wolverine was destroyed.[2] The company was disbanded after this campaign. In the following Fourth Succession War, Dominguez was assigned to the command lance of the 3rd Provisional Company in a Firefly. The unit was nearly wiped out in the fighting on Wapakoneta,[5] and the surviving Dragoons subsequently made a final stand on Crossing. As Dominguez is not listed as a casualty of the fighting[2], unlike others who were specifically listed as KIA on Misery or during the Fourth Succession War, he possibly survived until after the fighting on Crossing.


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