Thomas Cameron

Colonel Thomas Cameron (born ? - died 15 June 3034[1]) was a mercenary MechWarrior and commanding officer of Cameron's Legion.


His mercenary unit was among the few that served the new Free Rasalhague Republic faithfully and honorably in the Ronin Wars. However, it was claimed that one MechWarrior from his unit (Marauder pilot Ron Dexter) carelessly destroyed a school building during an intense urban battle while defending the planetary government of Bruben against a sneak attack by ronin forces from within a public parade in the city of Nystaad, killing more than 100 children in what became known as the "Nystaad Massacre".[2]

Subsequently, Cameron's Legion was placed under strict orders to avoid civilian casualties at all costs, with threats of criminal prosecution. When they led an assault against a ronin-occupied Kiudo fortress shortly afterwards, these orders and the presence of fugitives who were used as shields by the ronin prevented Cameron's Legion from using long-range bombardment and they suffered grievous losses in the attack. The Legion succeeded in taking the fort, but it reduced the unit to two heavily damaged 'Mechs and cost the life of Colonel Cameron, who had personally battered down the fort's only door in his Warhammer. The unit's surviving leaders were offered positions in the Bruben militia for their honorable service, which they accepted.[1]


  • Cameron's Legion was the "personal" mercenary unit of German BattleTech author Hartwig Nieder-Gassel. The unit and its characters, including Colonel Cameron and Ron Dexter, featured in many of his articles, scenarios and game aids in FanPro's German magazine Wunderwelten (1989-1999) and in the German scenario pack Ronin! (1996).
  • The storyline from Ronin! was retold in 2006 in the (canonical) Historical: Brush Wars, canonizing the unit, Thomas Cameron, Ron Dexter, and the events and minutiae mentioned in this sourcebook. However, this was a bittersweet honor as the same source also added new information detailing the death of Colonel Cameron and (apparently) the end of his mercenary unit.


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