Thompson's Shipyards

Thompson's Shipyards
Company Information
Interstellar Company No
Primary Site(s) Keid
Primary Products WarShips

Thompson's Shipyards of Keid was a Star League era manufacturer of JumpShips and WarShips.[1]


From their orbital yards above Keid, Thompson's Shipyards established a reputation for high quality JumpShip designs. As the Star League experienced a colonization boom thanks to new technologies like the Jamerson-Ulikov Water Purification Procedure, the Star League Navy invited manufacturers like Thompson to present designs for new escort vessels to help patrol the new colonies. While never having constructed a WarShip before, Thompson presented the Carson-class, a design that incorporated all the features mandated by the Navy for extended deployment away from port - a large Grav Deck along with both sizable cargo capacity and fuel tankage. Successfully winning the contract, Thompson began to rapidly expand to fulfill the Star League Navy's order for four hundred ships.[1]

Unfortunately the company's experience with JumpShip design did not translate to a full understanding of the different requirements for WarShips. Five years into their service life, the Star League Navy discovered that Thompson had failed to make provision for the excessive wear and tear the Carson-class's Regulis-XII engine experienced when operating at maximum thrust for extended periods. This oversight significantly reduced both the maximum thrust the destroyers could safely maintain and the amount of time the Carson could spend away from shipyards. Incapable of operating in the "wilds" of new colony space, the sole reason for its existence, when a feasibility study into the replacement of the Regulis-XII with a more robust engine showed it was not a cost-effective prospect, Thompson was forced to halt production of the Carson-class, with the Star League Navy ultimately withdrawing the destroyer from service in 2722.[1]

The Thompson's Shipyards facilities at Keid were destroyed during the First Succession War.[2]


Thompson's Shipyards has manufacturing centers on the following planets:


Note: production of the Carson ceased before 2722.

Components produced on Keid:[1]
Component Type
Carson[1] WarShip
Interplanetary Drive - Combat Jumpships
Regulis-XII Carson[1]


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