Vessel Profile
Type DropShip
Class Excalibur


Like its sister ship, the Bellerophon, the Thunderchild was one of the initial batch of seven Excalibur-class DropShips to receive the upgrade to "Excalibur Pocket WarShip" specifications before the upgrade program was cancelled, only to be reopened in 3068.[1]

It was owned and operated until at least 3071 by an independent mercenary unit. Rumors were circulating in late 3071 that the Thunderchild had expressed an interest in an offer to join The Medusans, a large mercenary unit consisting primarily of JumpShips and DropShips and home to one of the Thunderchild's sisterships, Bellerophon. At the time, the Medusans were recovering from damage taken in recent conflicts, particularly the battle in the New Syrtis system that saw the Medusans' two assault squadrons ambush a Capellan strike force which was being escorted by the Impavido-class WarShip CCS Zhejiang.[2]


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