Thurston Payne

Thurston K. Payne (b. ???? – d. ????) an author and junior officer in the Star League Defense Force.


Thurston Payne was the author of the 2765 book "Is the Sun Setting on the Sword?" (as Thurston K. Payne), a sensationalist text that claimed that the Federated Suns was a nation tottering on the edge of internal collapse. Payne's book was based on his observations of the Federated Suns and Capellan Confederation and their respective militaries during the border war between the two states that began in 2760 and ended in 2762, as well as further research conducted in 2763 and 2764. Payne had served in the Star League Defense Force Office of Liaison and Command as a Captain during the border conflict and the publication of his book via the Oxford University Press in 2765 apparently violated several secrecy acts, for which Payne may have subject to criminal prosecution, but his book was considered required reading for any senior SLDF commanders serving or expecting to serve in the Federated Suns Military Region.[1]


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