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Planetary Capital Refinery City

Tibolt is a small mining world in the Periphery beyond the Capellan Confederation/Federated Suns border.

It should not be confused with Tybalt, another world located on the border between these two realms (much closer to Terra than to the periphery border); available information rules out the possibility of these being the same world.


The only BattleTech source mentioning Tibolt is the (unfinished) BattleForce comic series by Blackthorne Publishing, Inc.. It was intended as a trilogy, but only the first two parts of the storyline were published. This comic series was an official product and produced under a valid license, yet it is not considered to be a source of canonical information.

Consequently, Tibolt and all associated information is apocryphal.

Planet information[edit]

Tibolt's depictions in the comics suggest that it has at least three and may have up to five moons. The planet is described as a "tiny ball of rock", "with an atmosphere of sulphur, fog, and rain. On a clear night visibility is almost ten meters." The visual impression is that of a mountainous landscape covered in ice and snow, where people have to wear breathing masks outside of their vehicles.


As of 3025, the existing Capellan Confederation settlements and geological survey teams on Tibolt had not been disputed for the past seven years, i.e. since 3018, although it was described to lie "along a disputed area of the border". This could be read to mean the Capellans had only begun settling Tibolt seven years ago, or that they had been there longer already and someone had (unsuccessfully) contested their control of the world in that year.

It remains unclear if the Capellan Confederation actually claimed the planet as theirs, as it was said to lie "beyond" the Capellan borders. The Capellan Minister of Geology considered Tibolt to be an unimportant mining world, and the Minister of Economics was already in the process of selling the mining rights to the world to Ceres Metals in exchange for spare parts and raw materials. Yet there was a remarkably strong garrison guarding the planet that included elements of McCarron's Armored Cavalry and reportedly also the Capellan Hussars, with two DropShips and an Aerospace Fighter detachment guarding the system.

The planetary capital was Refinery City. Several outlying mining districts existed.

The battle for Tibolt[edit]

Although the Capellans were convinced that nothing of importance was to be had on Tibolt, Michael Hasek-Davion knew better. According to him, "Tibolt, that tiny little world, misplaced by fortune [had] the stuff of destiny upon it". Acting on his own behalf and without the backing or even knowlege of House Davion he sent the 1st Regiment of the mercenary unit Miller's Marauders to conquer Tibolt in 3025. One of the two defending Capellan DropShips was destroyed and the other was damaged while it retreated to its JumpShip. Capellan troops, reportedly Capellan Hussars, put up stiff resistance at Refinery City, however, while reinforcements from the outlying mining districts (elements of McCarron's Armored Cavalry) moved in. The offensive then lost its momentum and elements of the 2nd Crucis Lancers (Abel Company) were sent to Tibolt to intercept the defenders' reinforcements en-route through the mountains. With their help, the attackers temporarily captured Refinery City but felt they would not be able to hold it against the approaching Capellan reinforcements.

At this point, the archeological DropShip Holocroft moved in and deployed drilling equipment. Apparently knowing exactly where to look, the workers dug into a cavern within a few hours where numerous BattleMechs were found including an Atlas, a Charger, a JagerMech and several others.

Duke Hasek-Davion claimed that he was not after the 'Mechs but something much more important, and that he hoped to secure that unspecified asset for himself if the Capellans hesitated just long enough. However, the Capellan Confederation had decided to defend Tibolt as a matter of principle, and sent the Northwind Highlanders there with orders to repel the attackers, and "put Tibolt to the torch if neccessary".

The announced third issue of the BattleForce comic trilogy was never published and the storyline was thus never concluded beyond this point. The outcome of the battle is unknown.

Fan speculation[edit]

It is generally assumed that whatever Duke Hasek-Davion was after could not be recovered by his troops. Although they had succeeded in temporarily capturing Refinery City, his forces were apparently insufficient to withstand the determined defenders once they rallied their forces, especially with the Northwind Highlanders inbound. Further, there is no indication in any other publication that Duke Hasek-Davion might have uncovered something of vital importance in or shortly after 3025. Conversely, the defending forces did not know what he was after and thought the world worthless.

Some fans have speculated[1] that the secret of Tibolt may have become the mysterious source of supplies "somewhere beyond the periphery" that the Magistracy of Canopus reportedly possessed by late 3025[2]. This periphery realm is situated beyond the Capellan Confederation borders, and according to its description Tibolt seems to be located very near if not within the Magistracy's borders. (The latter alternative might explain why the Capellan Confederation did not properly claim the planet, but described it as a periphery world beyond their own borders.) Given the strained relationship between Abel Company and their commanders who regarded and treated them as expendable, it seems plausible to assume that Abel Company learned of the 'Mech cache (presumably a Star League depot) and possibly also the unknown, yet more important prize Duke Hasek-Davion was after, and defected to the Magistracy of Canopus with this knowledge in the face of overwhelming Capellan forces.