Tikonov Free Republic Operations

Lord Ridzik enjoyed the prestige to get handle as a noble ruler of an independent state. With the support of the newly formed FCAF he began to reorganize his forces and to assault FWL world near Terra.
1st Republican
=>36 'Mechs of the former 1st Ariana Fusiliers
=>1st Battalion Lothar's Fusiliers
=>2nd Battalion Lothar's Fusiliers
2nd Republican
=>Stapelton's Ironhand (1st Battalion)
=>Trimaldi's Secutors (2nd Battalion)
=>Kerr's Intruders (3rd Battalion)
3rd Republican
=>Justine's Grenadiers (1st Battalion)
=>Justine's Grenadiers (2nd Battalion)
=>4th Confederation Reserve Cavalry (2nd Battalion)
4th Republican
Planet: Talitha
Attackers: 4th Republican
Defender: militia
Outcome:The 3 'Mech battalions and the 3 supporting conventional regiments have no difficulties to defeat the defending militia.
Planet: Van Diemen IV
Attackers: 5th Republican
Defender: conventional forces
Outcome: The green MechWarriors make short work with the defending 4 frontline tank units.

Planet: Procyon
Attackers:1st Republican + 2nd Republican
Defender: 2nd Sirian Lancers
Outcome: The defending FWL unit give its best to defend the important bridges, but were wiped out through a flanking manuever of the 2nd Republican. The Unit abandoned the planet after repeated defeats.
Planet: Wasat
Attackers: 3rd Republican
Defender: 15th Marik Militia
Outcome: Both forces were equal in numbers. The coordination between the defending unit were bad. This weakness was the chance for the invading 3rd Republican to secure the planet for Lord Ridzik.
Pavel Radzik was assassinated by a woman during the night at sleep. Ardan Sortek get the controll over the Republic