Timbiqui Spirits

Timbiqui Spirits is a famous manufacturer of alcoholic beverages in the Lyran Commonwealth/Lyran Alliance.[1]

Company Profile[edit]

Commonwealth Stock Exchange Symbol: TimSpr[1]

Main Headquarters: Bale Valley, Timbiqui[1]

CEO: Gray Lettermann (Circa 3067)[1]


Famous for its beer and ale, Timbiqui is known throughout the Inner Sphere primarily for its best-known brand of beer, Timbiqui Dark. The preferred beer at the Nagelring and allegedly a favored choice among mercenaries, Timbiqui Dark has reportedly even gained a following with the invading Clans.[1] [2]

The company even claims ilKhan Ulric Kerensky as a fan of Timbiqui Dark, which led it to create a series of extremely popular advertisements hailing it as the "Brew of the ilKhan" in 3062. The ads were made possible thanks to an unsanctioned and unofficial sponsorship agreement with the neglected 2nd Crucis Lancers RCT stationed on Timbiqui and the brewery whereby the unit painted up a Lance of its captured Clan BattleMechs to resemble Ulric Kerensky's Golden Keshik for filming purposes. [2] [3]

This ad blitz for Timbiqui Dark proved so successful that many people often fail to realize Timbiqui Spirits also produced equally fine brands of wines, whiskey, brandy and even sugared and sugar-free soft drinks, which the company distributes throughout Lyran and Davion space.[1]

During the Word of Blake Jihad Timbiqui Spirits came under attack from pirate raiders who were ultimately repulsed by the defending 3rd Alliance Guards. Video footage of a Third Guards Zeus being sprayed down by a beer truck as it tore a bandit Centurion apart with its energy weapons received extensive airplay across the Inner Sphere.[4]


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