Timeline of the FedCom Civil War





  • Victor leads Operation Bulldog to Huntress. He leaves Yvonne Steiner-Davion as regent of the Federated Commonwealth.
  • October: Katherine Steiner-Davion tricks Yvonne into installing her as ruler of the Federated Commonwealth, after creating massive political pressure through manipulated polls and news. As Katherine Steiner-Davion already has a power base in the Lyran Alliance, she mainly resides on New Avalon.
  • Nationalistic tensions between Lyrans and FedSuns are growing rapidly. As a cultural symbol, the Federated Suns return into the hearts and minds of it's citizens.


  • March: Victor Steiner-Davion returns to the Inner Sphere and lays down all official posts and duties.
  • November 5th: Victor Steiner-Davion joins ComStar as Precentor Martial.
  • December 15th: Katherine Steiner-Davion hires the Dancing Joker to assassinate Omi Kurita.
  • unknown date: Duke Eric Dresari of Kentares IV voices strong opposition to Katherine Steiner-Davion and demands the return of Victor. She responds by garrisoning a Lyran unit on his planet.
  • unknown date: Katherine Steiner-Davion orders the 8th FedCom RCT to guard the McKenna Shipyards of Yare Industries on Kathil. As she circumvented the regular military chain of command, this will lead to tension with the regular units on Kathil.


  • unknown date: Revolts and mass-arrests on New Aragon.
  • February: Katherine Steiner-Davion orders the Davion Heavy Guards to leave New Avalon and guard the Galax shipyards. There, they are left without JumpShips.
  • May 24th: The First Circuit of ComStar orders Victor Steiner-Davion to inspect all ComGuards along the Lyran-Jade Falcon border.
  • On Solaris VII, massive brawls between Lyran and FedSun hooligans appear regularly at duels.
  • August 15th: Due to sabotage, the Lyran-FedSun duel, Victor Vandergriff versus Michael Searcy, leaves the arena. As nobody trusts the other, everybody tries to contain the fight, but nevertheless shootouts between stables of different nationality begin. This turns into open warfare in Solaris City.
  • August 15th: Katherine Steiner-Davion orders ComStar to pull their 56th Division from Solaris VII.
  • August 19th: One battalion of the 32nd Lyran Guards arrives on Solaris VII as peacekeepers. They are decimated within hours.
  • August 22nd: Victor Vandergriff and Michael Searcy finish their duel. It ends in a draw with the apparent death of both fighters. The 17th Arcturan Guards arrive on Solaris VII as peacekeepers. A ceasefire is negotiated.
  • September 30th: One battalion of the 15th Arcturan Guards is stationed on Thorin, the two others on Muphrid.
  • October: The 8th FedCom RCT resists direct orders from Field Marshal George Hasek to transfer from Kathil to Lee. It cites its orders from Katherine Steiner-Davion and the inexperience of the Kathil CMM as an excuse. Duke Petyr VanLee orders the 1st Capellan Dragoons to Kathil to bolster his loyal troops and counter the "inexperience"-argument.
  • November 3rd: The live-feed HPG-connection between Tharkad and New Avalon is completed. Katherine Steiner-Davion will use it in the following years as a powerful political tool for propaganda and speeches.
  • November 9th: The sister of Oberstleutnant Archer Christifori, the CO of the Thorin FTM, is accidentally shot by a Lyran officer.
  • November 11th: Major-General Weintraub from the 8th FedCom RCT sent a letter to Katherine Steiner-Davion, asking for clarification of his orders. She answers, that Kathil is a very important planet and that he should just follow his orders.
    Duke VanLee arranges food shortages for the 8th FedCom RCT to annoy them. Weintraub reacts by deploying his troops to guard the Hall of Nobles against "rioters".
  • November 16th: The murderer of Andrea Christifori is acquitted, by using his political connections. Archer Christifori begins with preparations to drive the 15th Arcturan Guards off-planet. He is politically anti-Katherine, but not yet pro-Victor.
    Duke VanLee orders the Kathil CMM to infiltrate their HQ and arrest all officers of the 8th FedCom RCT in a covert operation. The commandos fail and open warfare between the 8th FedCom RCT and the Kathil CMM breaks out.
  • November 24th: The Lyran government press secretary denies that there are any open revolts against the Archon’s reign.
    The 8th FedCom RCT attacks the 2nd NAIS Training Cadre and conquers one of the microwave power transmitters for the orbital docks.
  • November 28th: The Avalon-class battlecruiser FCS Robert Davion is conquered by the Lyran members of the crew and infantry of the 8th FedCom RCT. After cautiously-worded encouragements by Katherine Steiner-Davion to solve this problem by violence, Lord Roland (the commander of the Lyran troops) executes the whole Dresari family on Kentares IV. Rumors surface that an estimated 5,000 civilians are dead or wounded.
  • December 5th: Arthur Steiner-Davion is apparently assassinated with a bomb, in the midst of a speech. But he really is abducted. James Sandoval suspects the Draconis Combine and orders a military counter-attack.
    Four planets are engaged in an open rebellion against Katherine’s rule. Five more might join after hearing of Arthur’s death. Violent anti-Steiner protests on Clinton.
    Oberst Felix Blücher of the 15th Arcturan Guards is attacked with a bomb, apparently by Davion terrorists. Indeed it was planted by Lyran soldiers who want to escalate the situation. Blücher reacts with mass-arrests.
  • December 7th: The 1st Capella Dragoons reach the orbit of Kathil. The Kathil CMM fights a hard battle against the 8th FedCom RCT to secure a safe landing for the Dragoons, suffering heavy losses. The 8th FedCom loses a whole 'Mech battalion in the process. The FCS Robert Davion is destroyed by a complicated ram-maneuver by an Excalibur-class DropShip. The 1st Capellan Dragoons immediately join the Kathil CMM and the 2nd NAIS Training Cadre in their war against the 8th FedCom RCT. Within days the tables have turned and the 8th FedCom is on the brink of defeat.
  • December 8th: Open rebellions start on Kathil, Benet III, Kentares IV, Demeter, and Bromhead, among few others.
    Victor Steiner-Davion leaves ComStar. In a public speech, he declares Katherine unfit for rule and declares his intention to depose her.
    Upon hearing this speech, mass-protests break out on Thorin. Archer Christifori mobilizes his militia and begins a guerrilla-war against the 15th Arcturan Guards. Oberst Blücher reacts by declaring martial-law.
  • December 10th: Violent revolts on Muphrid. The battalions Beta and Gamma of the 15th Arcturan Guards and the Muphrid FTM are mobilized.
    Confirmed revolts on Kathil, New Aragon, Coventry, Nanking, Kikuyu, Demeter, Algol, Benet III, Brockway, Bromhead, Fort Loudon, Rasalgethi and Thorin.
  • December 15th: The Thorin FTM allies with the other anti-Steiner rebels on Thorin.
  • December 23rd: A message by Victor Steiner-Davion reaches Archer Christifori: He is awarded Colonel of the Federated Suns and his troops are renamed to 1st Thorin Regiment/Archer's Avengers.
  • December 29th: Katherine Steiner-Davion sends a secret directive to all Commanding Officers of the Lyran Alliance Forces, declaring war upon Victor’s reinstated Federated Suns. All private HPG-messages are furthermore declared illegal.


  • unknown date: The mercenaries Vanguard Legion are deployed to New Syrtis by Duke George Hasek.
  • January: Duke Frederick Bradford voices sympathies for Victor.
  • January 6th: The 5th Alliance Guards are deploying patrols to counter the uprising and looting on Fort Loudon.
  • January 7th: The pro-Victor 1st Kestrel Grenadiers have conquered Nanking.
  • January 17th: The Coventry CPM is detained and wiped out by the 1st Coventry Jaegers and Kristen's Krushers. The media reports are manipulated, as if the militia was the aggressor.
    Tancred Sandoval manages to found a task force by allying with the pro-Victor 3rd Crucis Lancers.
  • January 22nd: The 1st Thorin Regiment (their strength slightly at two companies) leaves Thorin and launches a surprise-attack on the Beta battalion of the 15th Arcturan Guards on Muphrid. They are able to salvage most of their military equipment.
  • February: On Kikuyu, the 8th Deneb Light Cavalry declared itself neutral and is attacked by the pro-Katherine 6th Donegal Guards and Storm's Metal Thunder. On Newtown Square the 39th Avalon Hussars declare themselves for Victor. The 7th Crucis Lancers stand on Winter and the 15th Lyran Regulars on Hood IV.
  • February 2nd: The 1st Thorin Regiment attacks and defeats Alpha battalion of the 15th Arcturan Guards on Thorin. They capitulate and Oberst Felix Blücher negotiates the retreat of the remains of Alpha battalion and of Gamma battalion from Muphrid.
  • February 3rd: The pro-Katherine 11th Avalon Hussars are defeated on Brockway, which is conquered by pro-victor forces.
    The neutral Snord's Irregulars are deployed to Odessa to trick them into either fighting the 1st Thorin Regiment, or into signing a new contract with the Lyran Alliance that includes fighting Victor's forces.
  • Conflicting data in the novels: From February 9th to 11th the 1st Thorin Regiment has conquered Syrma and Milton. The conquest of Alcor started in mid-January.
  • February 11th: The 1st Thorin Regiment defeats the Alcor Home Guard and establishes a pro-victor resistance-cell on this planet. It receives orders by Victor Steiner-Davion to either negotiate a contract with Snord's Irregulars that brings them on victor's side, or at least ensure that they won't fight for Katherine. The pro-Victor LIC agent Anton Gramash is assigned to Archer Christifori's unit for this mission as intelligence coordinator.
    Bryceland and Sirdar have been conquered by pro-Victor forces. Confirmed fights on Algol, An Ting, Alcyone, Demeter.
  • March: The family Yalos, the rulers of the planet Mayetta in the Draconis March, declares themselves in an opportunistic change pro-Victor. As they are attacked by the pro-Katherine Milligan DMM and Bremond DMM, Kirk Yalos offers Tancred Sandoval control over the Mayetta DMM in exchange for military support.
    The FSS Melissa Davion defects and begins its search for Victor.
  • April 15th: The 1st Thorin Regiment reaches Odessa. To discredit Snord's Irregulars as unpatriotic and unreliable, Duke Nicholas Fisk orders the Odessa militia to attack the 1st Thorin Regiment on their own. They are decimated and driven back.
  • April 16th: Archer Christifori and Rhonda Snord are about to meet, but fall into a trap by the pro-Katherine Loki agent Erwin Vester and a 'Mech company of the mercenary unit Wolverton's Highlanders.
  • April 18th: The 1st Thorin Regiment and Snord's Irregulars suspect each other of treason and start to fight to exact revenge for their dead. Snord's Irregulars are driven back into their base and the 1st Thorin Regiment lays siege.
  • April 24th: On Newtown Square, Victor and the 39th Avalon Hussars fight the pro-Katherine 14th Donegal Guards. They win narrowly, when the Com Guards 244th Division arrive.
    Tancred Sandoval prepares a political trick: He declares Woodbine neutral, knowing that this will prompt Katherine to attack. Afterward he can free the planet, securing the loyalty and political support of its rulers.
  • April 26th: Snord's Irregulars are reduced to one understrength battalion. (The 1st Thorin has lower casualties, as they were able to salvage material.)
  • April 29th: The rest of the Wolverton's Highlanders regiment arrives on Odessa.
  • May 1st-3rd: The 1st Thorin finds evidence of the ploy to trap them in a no-win-situation. They present the evidence to Snord's Irregulars and declare a unilateral ceasefire.
  • May 4th: Wolverton's Highlanders attempt to destroy the weakened 1st Thorin. However the 1st Thorin and Snord's Irregulars join forces. Wolverton's Highlanders are wiped out. Thus, the 1st Thorin accidentally conquered Odessa.
  • July: The 7th Crucis Lancers declare themselves for Victor and conquer the heavily industrialized planet Inarcs in his name.
    The 1st Argyle Lancers suffered heavy losses against an unknown pro-Katherine unit and retreat to the neutral ARDC.
    The 1st Davion Guards rebelled against Katherine on New Avalon. They are fighting, among two other units, the 3rd Robinson Rangers.
    The 1st Ceti Hussars declared themselves for Victor, the 3rd Lyran Regulars for Katherine. The 3rd Lyran Regulars receive orders to conquer Woodbine.
    The LAS Angela Franks is renamed LAS Arthur Steiner-Davion and receives orders to defend Coventry against Victor.
  • September: The FCS Melissa Davion finds Victor and he integrates it into his task force.
    The Outland Legion joins Victor's forces, consisting of foreigners who want to fight for Victor: one lance from Kingston's Legionnaires, one company from the 1st Regulan Hussars, one battalion from various Draconian volunteers.
  • October 9th: The LAS Arthur Steiner-Davion disappears under unclear circumstances, after encountering a non-standard jumping signature.
    The 1st Crucis Lancers have joined Tancred Sandoval's task force. He absolutely wants to win the support of Duke Ferdinand Rein of Woodbine, so he plans to use the influence of his aunt Jessica Sandoval-Groell to postpone his father's arrival until his position is strong enough.
  • October: Victor's task force (39th Avalon Hussars, 244th ComGuard Division, Foreign Legion) attacks Coventry. The 1st Coventry Jaegers are outnumbered and driven into a dead-end landscape, where Victor wants to wear them down bit by bit.
  • unknown date: Fighting begins on Dahar IV, Benet III, and Allerton.
  • November 28th: The last remains of the 3rd Lyran Regulars capitulate.
  • December 12th: The last survivors of the 1st Coventry Jaegers are defeated, when they try to break the siege.
    James Sandoval reaches Woodbine. As he declares, that Woodbine is only one world among many that he has to care about, Duke Ferdinand Rein sides with Tancred Sandoval.
  • December 20th: The 1st Davion Guards are defeated and wiped out by the 3rd Robinson Rangers, the 10th Deneb Light Cavalry and the New Avalon militia. Propaganda depicts them as traitors. Some of them are executed before even being court-martialed. They are struck from the official unit-list.


  • February: Victor's task force (39th Avalon Hussars, 244th ComGuard Division, Foreign Legion) tries to conquer Alarion. They prepare for a huge battle, but General Maria Esteban has withdrawn the defenders, creating her own task force for a counter-attack. Alarion is conquered without a fight, but proves to be useless for Victor: The only valuable installation are the shipyards and Victor's task force has neither the resources nor the time to use them. The 39th Avalon Hussars are left as a garrison to secure them nevertheless.
  • March: Victor's task force is on the way to the Skye Theater. He wants to reinforce it and schedules a rendezvous on York with the 6th Crucis Lancers and 17th Skye Rangers. But Maria Esteban is on his heels: She manipulates the 17th Skye Rangers to return to Skye instead.
  • March 6th: Katherine Steiner-Davion broadcasts a fake press conference (actually no journalists are present) to the whole Lyran Alliance and Federated Commonwealth. She states that the war has tuned down and that she hopes, that he will soon be over, for the sake of the common good.
  • March 13rd: Victor's troops (6th Crucis, 244th Com Guard, Foreign Legion and the Avalon-class Melissa Steiner-Davion) are resting on York and prepare to launch a new offensive, when they are attacked by Maria Esteban's task force (11th Arcturan Guards, 1st Alarion Jaegers, Alarion APM, Carlisle APM and two Fox-class corvettes). Victor's forces are outnumbered and their only chance is a hasty withdrawal to Halfway.
  • March 15th: Omi Kurita is assassinated by a trap, set up by Dancing Joker. She dies with Victor's name on her lips. Theodore Kurita orders the immediate halt to all travels and interstellar communications crossing the border of the Draconis Combine. The Dancing Joker saw this coming and stays on Luthien for the next few years with a false identity.
  • May: Clan Jade Falcon attacks the Lyran Alliance:
    On Blue Hole they attacked and almost annihilated the 3rd Alliance Guards. On Kikuyu they attack the 6th Donegal Guards. On Newtown Square Adam Steiner's 14th Donegal Guards repel the Jade Falcons and leave the planet afterward. Kookens Pleasure Pit and Ballynure are attacked as well.
    The Jade Falcons attack along the whole border: Delta Galaxy and Omega Galaxy attack the Melissia Theater, Rho Galaxy attacks the Arc-Royal Defense Cordon and Lambda Galaxy attacks the Pandora-Theater.
    To bleed the Jade Falcons out, Marshal Sharon Bryan orders all her troops to Melissia to lure the Jade Falcons in a final battle.
  • May 14th: The 244th Com Guard Division destroys the Halfway Militia and conquers Halfway.
  • May 23rd: Victor sets up a strategic conference in an empty brothel on Halfway with the commanders of his task force, Morgan Kell, Khan Phelan Kell, General Caradoc Trevana and Archer Christifori. (Nobody would suspect them there.) The 23rd Arcturan Guards are on the way to reinforce Victor's task force.
    Victor and Katherine receive intelligence, that Clan Jade Falcon has attacked the Lyran Alliance.
    Katherine Steiner-Davion asks ComStar to activate the ComGuards, but Precentor Martial Gavin Dow refuses: Clan Wolf and Clan Ghost Bear are still a threat. Katherine decides to counter the Jade Falcons by shuffling the troops already in the region. She explicitly leaves the Arc-Royal Defense Cordon out of any plannings: Morgan Kell's domain, his problems.
    Victor Steiner-Davion sets up a two-pronged task force to repel the Jade Falcons: Clan Wolf-in-Exile will keep the Jade Falcons busy within the Lyran territory. Meanwhile Archer Christifori's task force will unite with pro-Katherine Lyran units and attack the Jade Falcon occupation zone. This is Operation Audacity.
  • June: On Blue Hole Storm's Metal Thunder and the 8th Deneb Light Cavalry are still fighting the Jade Falcons. Sharon Bryan orders half of the 6th Donegal Guards to Melissia, the other half to Blue Hole.
    The Jade Falcon's Lambda Galaxy attacks Graceland: The 22nd Cluster wipes out the 11th Donegal Guards but a single company, which integrates itself into the local ComGuards. The 74th Battle Cluster attacks the the 388th ComGuard Division.
  • June 11th: Maria Esteban's task force (11th Arcturan Guards, 1st Alarion Jaegers, Alarion APM, Carlisle APM, half-a-dozen smaller militias like the Timbuktu TTM and one Fox-WarShip) attacks Halfway. They are encountered by only the aerospace Wings of the 6th Crucis Lancers, who retreat as well after dealing enough damage. Maria Esteban's units are forced to stay on Halfway and repair their DropShips.
  • June 15th: The 14th Donegal Guards arrive on Melissia, joining the 9th Lyran Regulars and the remains of the 3rd Alliance Guards. Elements of the 6th Donegal Guards are on the way as well.
    Archer Christifori's task force assembles in the ARDC: The 2nd and 3rd regiment of Archer's Avengers are joined by the 2nd Crucis Lancers. The 1st Regiment is on the way to Graceland to help the ComGuards, before joining the task force as well.
    Khan Marthe Pryde is on Blue Hole to inspect the battle-action. A garrison cluster, a freeborn-unit, is fighting guerrillas from the 3rd Alliance Guards and local militia. A stray artillery shell explodes near Marthe Pryde, but she remains unhurt. She is impressed by the skill and cunning of the Inner Sphere warriors.
  • June 23rd: The aerospace units of the 6th Crucis reunite with Victor's task force on Clinton
    Victor has pulled a political trick, by asking Robert Kelswa-Steiner for permission to attack Hesperus II. But he never had this in mind and knew that this information would trickle to Katherine, prompting her to rearrange her forces to repel this attack. Instead, Victor's task force temporarily breaks up into the single units, rapidly attacking a dozen unimportant planets to further irritate the Lyrans.
    The pro-Victor 5th Syrtis Fusiliers have conquered Axton.
  • July: The Foreign Legion (including Victor and his personal staff) attacks Dar-es-Salaam and destroys the Dar-es-Salaam Militia.
    The 23rd Arcturan Guards attack Aristotle, Gallery and Thuban.
    The 6th Crucis Lancers attack Solihull, Drosendorf and Gypsum.
    The 244th Com Guard Division attacks Eidsfoss, Ciotat and Furillo.
    Afterwards, they reunite and hide on the pro-Victor planet Thorin.
    The 6th Donegal Guards are forced to retreat from Kikuyu to Melissia reuniting with the rest of their unit. The Jade Falcons attack Storm's Metal Thunder so hard, that the unit has to retreat from Kikuyu. Only two 'Mechs and the non-combatants make it into orbit, the rest of the unit is eradicated. The 8th Deneb Light Cavalry is also under attack by the Jade Falcons. The 3rd Alliance Guards retreat from Blue Hole to Melissia as well. They are reduced to two Battalions.
  • July 6th: The 1st Thorin Regiment arrives on Graceland and the 74th Battle Cluster allows them to take over the batchall of the ComGuards. They defeat the 74th Battle by luring it into a trap and taking out its Star Colonel, so he declares defeat. Christifori takes some of their Mechs and pilots as Isorla. Lambda Galaxy retreats into the occupation zone.
  • July 30th: Rho Galaxy attacks Dustball in the ARD, because of the presence of the 4th Wolf Guards. The 7th Falcon Regulars and the Jade Falcon Eyrie win the bidding. The rest of the galaxy stays in orbit and waits. Khan Phelan Kell leads the battle himself. His strategy is to bind the whole galaxy by prolonging the battle and wearing the Jade Falcons down bit by bit.
    The 388th ComGuard Division arrives on Dustball to aid the Wolves.
  • August: The ComGuards destroy 2 Trinaries of Rho Galaxy in a narrow pass. This turns the tide in the battle. Rho Galaxy is defeated and leaves Dustball.
  • August 7th: The remains of Storm's Metal Thunder reach Melissia. A Jade Falcon task force materializes in the Melissia system at a Pirate Jump Point: the Turkina Keshik, Delta Galaxy and Omega Galaxy. Khan Marthe Pryde will personally lead her troops into combat. The Jade Falcons gained knowledge of that pirate jump point through their Watch.
  • August 12th: The understrength 15th Arcturan Guards (reinforced by the Gacrux FTM and Neerabup MTM) arrive in the Melissia system at a pirate jump point, even closer than the Jade Falcons. General Adam Steiner orders them to guard the landing zone, to keep it secure for an emergency evacuation.
  • August 15th: The Jade Falcons reach Melissia. They consist of the Turkina Keshik, Delta Galaxy and Omega Galaxy. The defenders are commanded by Marshall Sharon Bryan and consist of: 9th Lyran Regulars, 3rd Alliance Guards (~2 battalions), 6th Donegal Guards (~1 regiment), 14th Donegal Guards (~1 regiment), 15th Arcturan Guards (reinforced regiment) and some militia-companies. Her plan is to lure the Jade Falcons into the artillery and mine-fields around her HQ-bunker built inside a mountain. General Adam Steiner is not confident, that her plan will work and secretly contacts the Reserve Corps to deploy three DropShips with supplies and a jump-ready JumpShip to the Chapultepec-system.
    Archer Christifori's task force assembles in the Adelaide-system: the three combined-arms regiments of the Archer's Avengers, the understrength 2nd Crucis Lancers and the 20th Arcturan Guards. Their intelligence-unit is lead by the pro-Victor LIC-agent Anton Gramash. He has a small number of operatives at his command. ComStar's ROM is providing him with information and there is also a limited cooperation with the Watch of Clan Wolf-in-Exile. The COs of the task force guess, that the survivors of Melissia will retreat to Chapultepec, so they will try to meet them there.
    The Grave Walkers had to retreat from Kookens Pleasure Pit, after suffering 60% losses. The battle on Dustball (Exile-Wolves and ComGuards vs Jade Falcons) is still raging. On Koniz, Barber's Marauder IIs fought to the last man and were annihilated. On Crimond, the fate of the 1st Argyle Lancers is unknown. (They were reduced to two companies during the civil war.) As the Jade Falcons won't leave Crimond, the Argyle Lancers are probably setting up a guerrilla war. On Ballynure, the Fighting Urukhai try to hold out, but it is unknown how long they can keep on fighting.
    Blue Hole, Kikuyu, and Newtown Square are lost to the Jade Falcons. The Jade Falcons have troops in the undefended Clermont-system, but don't conquer it.
  • August 16th: After two days of heavy fighting on Melissia, the 3rd Alliance Guards and 6th Donegal Guards are almost wiped out. The Jade Falcons refuse to fall for Bryan's trap and instead concentrate on eliminating the Lyran units. Finally, the Jade Falcons use a Broadsword-class DropShip to drop Elementals right onto the bunker. The Lyran HQ is wiped out within minutes. General Adam Steiner activates the 15th Arcturan Guards and orders all troops to evacuate from Melissia.
  • August 25th: The Golden Keshik and 1st Wolf Legion attack the 7th Talon on Blue Hole.
    General Steiners task force reaches Chapultepec. The 9th Lyran Regulars, 14th Donegal Guards and 15th Arcturan Guards have suffered heavy losses. The 3rd Alliance Guards and 6th Donegal Guards are reduced to about one company each. Somehow the two last 'Mechs of Storm's Metal Thunder, piloted by the Rivenberg brothers, have survived. Omega Galaxy is on their heels and is dripping into the Chapultepec-system cluster by cluster. Archer Christifori's task force reaches the jump point of the Chapultepec-system, but they are a few days behind the Jade Falcons.
    Via a priority-message from Nondi Steiner, Adam Steiner is promoted commander of the Melissia-theater. He almost goes mad, when hears that Katherine Steiner-Davion still won't send any reinforcements.
  • August 26th: Katherine Steiner presents a new memorial on New Avalon to remind of the "betrayal" of the 1st Davion Guards. In a press conference she states her hope, that the quiet last weeks were a sign of an end to this war.
    After an HPG-conversation, Thomas Marik agrees to serve as Victor's reputation at the Whitting Conference, so he would have a right to claim speech-time.
  • August 29th: A single cluster of Omega Galaxy is fighting Adam Steiner's troops. The rest of Omega Galaxy is only days away. Archer Christifori's task force lands and forces them to retreat via DropShip to another continent.
    Archer Christifori explains his and Victor's plan to Adam Steiner, but he is reluctant. He only agrees after reading a personal letter from Victor Steiner-Davion: Victor asks him not to prejudge him from Katherine's propaganda. Victor states that he has sent reinforcements for the Lyran Alliance, and not played political games.
  • August 30th: The Jade Falcons are defeated on Blue Hole. Star Colonel Daniel Kyle is taken isorla.
    Archer Christifori and Adam Steiner set up a plan to draw the attention from Clan Jade Falcon: They will both randomly attack planets in the occupation zone. Then Archer's task force will beat the Falcon Guards on Twycross, hopefully enraging the Jade Falcons enough to disobey orders and follow Archer's units. Both task forces will reunite on Blackjack and try to hold out until the Jade Falcons stopped their offensive on the Lyran Alliance.
    Anton Gramash captures an agent of the Clan Wolf-watch and hands him over to Phelan Kell. Phelan gives the agent a message: He invites Khan Vlad Ward to join his attack on Sudeten, the capital of Clan Jade Falcon in the Inner Sphere. This is a trick, as Phelan has no intention to attack Sudeten. He knows that Vlad has two choices: Either he will warn Marthe Pryde, prompting the retreat of some of her forces, or he will attack the Jade Falcons, forcing them to retreat troops as well.
  • August 31st: The combined forces of Christifori and Adam Steiner leave Chapultepec.
    Omega Galaxy is granted a pause to repair and re-equip its troops on Chapultepec. Khan Marthe Pryde orders to attack the ComGuards on Crimond and Rasalgethi, to keep the Exile-Wolves busy. Furthermore, conquering Rasalgethi would allow Clan Jade Falcon to bypass the Free Rasalhague Republic and its ComGuards-defenders on its way to Terra.
  • September: Archer Christifori asks Phelan Kell to send the Blue Star Irregulars to garrison the Jade Falcon worlds the two task forces would conquer. The 2nd Crucis Lancers are deployed to Adam Steiners task force to bolster it.
  • October 3rd: Archer Christifori's task force (the three combined-arms regiments of Archer's Avengers and the 20th Arcturan Guards) are about to attack Roadside and conquer the ammunition factory.
    Adam Steiner's task force (14th Donegal Guards, 15th Arcturan Guards, 2nd Crucis Lancers) is already fighting the 3rd Talon Cluster on Black Earth. The 9th Lyran Regulars have been integrated into the command-structure of the 14th Donegal, bringing them to a reinforced regiment. The virtually destroyed 6th Donegal Guards and 3rd Alliance Guards were maybe integrated into other units. The Jade Falcons will wage a guerrilla war to drag the fighting.
  • October 4th: Christifori's task force defeats a solahma trinary of Rho Galaxy on Roadside and conquers the planet. The ammunition-factory is accidently almost destroyed. One battalion is left as garrison.
    Adam Steiner's task force realizes, that the Jade Falcons couldn't possibly have their base on the main continents.
  • October 17th: The main battle on Black Earth begins, as the Lyrans are attacking the Falcon base. The Lyrans are surprisingly reinforced by the 1st Wolf Strike Grenadiers.
    Christifori's task force arrives in the Butler system where the Aegis-battlecruiser CJF Black Talon is undergoing repairs in a ship-yard. The Lyrans cripple it with a massive fighter attack, using the experience of Commodore Lee Fullerton. Christifori sends a HPG-message to Phelan Kell: He asks him to send a boarding crew to salvage the battlecruiser, as none of his personnel has the necessary experience.
  • October 26th: Adam Steiner's task force attacks Malibu, but the local government is unwilling to support them. (Steiner speculates that they are tired of war.) They fight against the 8th Falcon Regulars on the surface of an asteroid, over the control of the nadir recharge-station. The Jade Falcon Star Colonel retreats after a short and brutal fight.
    The 74th Battle Cluster is attacking Crimond and Phelan Kell is countering them. Anton Gramash informs Phelan Kell about the broader picture of the war. The 39th ComGuard Division is on the way to Crimond.
    Jade Falcon forces are about to attack Rasalgethi. The defenders are Brion's Legion and the Rasalgethi PTM.
  • October 30th: Christifori's task force is attacking Twycross. Their plan is to beat the single Falcon Guards trinary in a fair fight. But a lazy tech failed to repair the weapon-control circuits in Star Colonel Ravill Pryde's Timber Wolf, prompting him to accidently break zellbrigen. The Jade Falcons are overwhelmed with massive firepower. Christifori sends records of the Jade Falcons dishonorable defeat to Khan Marthe Pryde to challenge her to a reaction.
  • November 1st: Adam Steiner's task force attacks Hot Springs, fighting the 5th Battle Cluster. He awaits a short fight and a quick victory.
  • November 3rd: Jade Falcons attack Twycross to exact revenge: the rest of the Falcon Guards, the 9th Talon and 1st Falcon Hussars, the whole force being at least 12 Trinaries strong. Although outraged, they don't attack blindly: The Jade Falcons perform a combat-drop into a sand-storm, whereas their dropships still proceed their landing, faking a standard landing so the spherers will suspect the attack from the wrong direction. Indeed the Jade Falcons attack them from behind and a bloody battle ensues. Finally the Jade Falcons are beaten. Christifori sends the highest-ranking survivor Star Captain Diana Pryde back to Marthe Pryde with the message, that he is not finished yet. The 1st and 3rd regiment of Archer's Avengers suffered heavy losses, the 2nd regiment and 20th Arcturan Guards suffered minor losses.
  • November 4th: On the eve of the third Whitting Conference, Duke George Hasek tries to talk to Katherine. He hoped, that they could together find a way to stop the fighting in the Capellan March, which was essentially neutral in the FedCom Civil War. But Katherine is not in the mood to listen. She offers George Hasek to sit next to her during the Whitting Conference (to demonstrate his support for her side) and to talk about this issue later. He declines and angrily questions her loyalty to her own people. She reminds him, that his people would have to suffer for his decisions.
  • November 6th: Khan Marthe Pryde decides to halt her offensive to stop Christifori's task force. But she will leave troops on the conquered Lyran worlds as garrison.
  • November 10th: While everyone is looking at the Whitting Conference, Victor's task force surprisingly enter Federated Suns territory and attacks Tikonov. They save the remains of the pro-Victor 1st NAIS Cadet Cadre and Valexa CMM and battle the pro-Katherine 15th Deneb Light Cavalry and 3rd Republican Guards.
  • November 14th: Precentor Gavin Dow gives Katherine Steiner-Davion the information that Omi Kurita is dead.
    At the eve of the election of the new First Lord, Katherine tries to get the help of the Star League to end the rebellion of her "war-hungry" brother. Because of his deal with Thomas Marik, Victor Steiner-Davion is allowed to counter this with his own arguments. In his speech, he clarifies that there had been numerous other times he could have started a rebellion against her rule, if he were indeed this war-hungry. Furthermore he openly accuses her of complicity in the murder of their mother. Finally he asks the politicians to remember the manipulations and back-room-politics they have witnessed. Do they really want such a person as their First Lady? Katherine suddenly loses the political support for the election.
    Katherine informs Victor that his beloved Omi is dead, causing him a nervous breakdown.
  • November 24th: Khan Phelan Kell lands with the 4th Wolf Guards (and maybe the Golden Keshik) on Melissia and challenges Galaxy Commander Timur Malthus of Sigma Galaxy. The Jade Falcons answer with an unusually high bid.
    On Hot Springs the 5th Battle Cluster is still dragging the fighting against Adam Steiner's task force.
  • December: Snord's Irregulars join the defenders of Rasalgethi.
  • December 12th: Archer Christifori's task force arrives in the Blackjack system. The 1st regiment of Archer's Avengers is understrength, the 2nd has minor losses, the 3rd is almost wiped out and 20th Arcturan Guards are at 75% strength. The 8th Provisional Garrison Cluster is stationed on Blackjack. The 4th Striker Cluster and the CJF White Talon intercept the task force in the Blackjack system. Both Jade Falcon units unite on Blackjack and immediately start smaller skirmishes against the spherers.
    Adam Steiner decides abruptly to leave Hot Springs in the cover of a thunderstorm.
    Phelan Kell defeats Sigma Galaxy. The 4th Wolf Guards had tricked the Jade Falcons by faking higher losses.
  • December 16th: a LIC agent of Anton Gramash informs Christifori that Clan Wolf-in-Exile has salvaged the CJF Black Talon and renamed it to CWiE Black Paw. The Black Paw lures in the asteroid belt of the Blackjack system. The Jade Falcons of Blackjack are waiting for reinforcements before they start another major offensive.
    The 388th ComGuard Division has attacked Blair Atholl, fighting a provisional garrison cluster.
  • December 19th: The 1st Falcon Hussars have arrived in the Blackjack-system and are on the way to the planet.
  • December 21st: Archer contacts the CWiE Black Paw to start an orbital bombardement of the Jade Falcons. Immediately afterwards, the Black Paw is engaged by the CJF White Talon. The White Talon is destroyed and the Black Paw suffers heavy damages. Adam Steiner's task force arrives in the Blackjack system.
  • December 24th: Adam Steiner's task force (9th Lyran Regulars, 15th Arcturan Guards, 14th Donegal Guards, 2nd Crucis Lancers) save Christifori's task fore on the brink of defeat. They also suffer losses, especially the 9th Lyran Regulars. A jumpship with saKhan Samantha Clees arrives in the Blackjack-system. She invites Christifori to meet Khan Marthe Pryde on Blair Atholl. Christifori and Adam Steiner comply.


  • unknown date: In early 3065, Katherine Steiner-Davion deployed additional LAAF forces and mercenaries to the Skye Province, to quell secessionist tendencies. Operatives of Lohengrin, the Molehunters and Loki are deployed as well, to counter any uprising. In some systems all interstellar travel was shut down, to suppress informations about war-preparations of the Lyran Alliance.
  • unknown date: The pro-Victor 17th Skye Rangers are defeated on Lost.
  • unknown date: The pro-Katherine 11th Avalon Hussars fight the Lexington Combat Group on Brockway. They suffer heavy losses and have to retreat to Ridgebrook.
  • January: The pro-Victor 1st Federated Suns Armored Cavalry arrive on Kathil.
    The rogue Draconis March-forces now only hold Proserpina. The Draconis Combine counter-invades the Draconis March and conquers Addicks, Cassias, Breed and Kasai. Cassias was almost defenseless, as the 3rd Crucis Lancers had departed Cassias to support Tancred Sandoval. The 24th Dieron Regulars destroyed the 8th Striker Regiment of the Fighting Urakhai on Addicks. The Davion Assault Guards split their forces between Addicks and Tigress.
    The 10th Lyran Guards left Robinson and seized a JumpShip to meet with Victor on Tikonov.
    Tancred Sandoval now controls most of the Woodbine PDZ and the LeBlanc PDZ.
  • January 8th: The 11th Arcturan Guards (having absorbed two militias to maintain their strength) and the Fox-class LAS Katrina Steiner followed Victor’s task force to Tikonov. the rest of Maria Esteban’s task force stays in the Lyran Alliance to cut off Victor’s supply lines. (For unknown reasons, Word of Blake secretly warned Victor’s forces of the arrival of the 11th Guards.)
    Now the Foreign Legion, 23rd Arcturan Guards, 6th Crucis Lancers, 244th ComGuard Division, 1st NAIS Cadet Cadre and Valexa CMM fight the 11th Arcturan Guards, 15th Deneb Light Cavalry, 3rd Republican Guards and the movement Free Tikonov. Victor’s FSS Melissa Davion stays at the nadir Jump Point, while Esteban’s LAS Katrina Steiner hides deeper in the solar-system. Katherine’s forces are outnumbered, but they hold Tikonov’s most important industries and have better access to supplies.
    Victor Steiner-Davion is caught in a deep depression and keeps himself busy with military work, to avoid thinking about Omi. Morgan Kell has secretly taken over the everyday-work.
  • January 28th: The JumpShip of the 10th Lyran Guards is sabotaged and they are stuck in the Kentares system.
  • February: The 388th Division is still defending Blair Atholl against the Jade Falcons. They are pushed back from continent to continent, but refuse to give up.
  • February 16th: The 3rd Davion Guards fight Draconians on Cassias.
    The 5th Davion Guards are destroyed on Kathil.
    As no further reinforcements are available to give Victor’s offensive a new momentum, his commanders decide to leave Tikonov with him, to keep Tikonov from becoming a meatgrinder. The 6th Crucis Lancers, 1st NAIS Cadet Cadre and Valexa CMM will stay. A final offensive is prepared to conquer Harcourt Industries to get a logistical advantage.
  • February 21st: The 244th ComGuard Division is reduced to about half a regiment: 15 'Mechs, about 20 tanks, some Battle Armor and infantry, some aerospace fighters and helicopters.
    Victor’s forces attack simultaneously on the ground and in space. In space, the inexperience of the pro-Katherine militia aerospace forces and the fire-power of the FSS Melissa Davion decide the battle. As soon as the battle in space has ended, Victor is extracted from Tikonov with a heavy escort of multiple DropShips and aerospace fighters. On the ground, sheer desperation drives Victor’s forces to victory, when they are attacked by orbital fire. Most of Victor’s units and the 11th Arcturan Guards suffer heavy losses.
  • February 27th: Adam Steiner, Archer Christifori, Phelan Kell and Anton Gramash have reached Blair Atholl. Marthe Pryde is already there to inspect how her troops are faring against the ComGuards. Steiner and Christifori meet with Marthe Pryde and Diana Pryde to discuss a cease-fire. Clan Jade Falcon has conquered Rasalgethi, Koniz, Kookens Pleasure Pit, Ballynure, Chahar, Kikuyu, Chapultepec, Medellin, Barcelona and Newtown Square. The Lyrans have conquered Black Earth, Roadside, Blackjack, Butler, Twycross and one jump point of the Malibu-system. Marthe Pryde refuses to exchange planets. Each side will keep what it has conquered. Adam Steiner offers to exchange Twycross, but she refuses. She states that it is a world of shame for her Clan. Clan Jade Falcon will make no attempt to reconquer it. So, only one planet remains contested in this war: Blair Atholl. Adam Steiner has realized, that Marthe Pryde started the war mainly for the fighting itself. He offers her a deal: He will regularly send Lyran units to fight against the Jade Falcons, so they won't have to attack other planets to find an opponent. Marthe Pryde hesitates, but after thinking about it, she agrees.
    Adam Steiner presents his future plans to Christifori and Phelan Kell: As Katherine Steiner-Davion, the legal ruler, has not sent reinforcements to save her nation, but Victor Steiner-Davion, the rebel, did, he will declare the Melissia Theater and its forces neutral. All pro-Victor units are allowed to repair themselves, but then they will have to leave.
  • March: Adam Steiner is celebrated as a hero of the Lyran Alliance.
    Archer’s Avengers have disappeared from public sight. The LIC speculates that they are on the way to support Victor.
  • March 15th: Adam Steiner sends a personal video-message to Katherine Steiner-Davion. He declares that he is not confident, that Katherine has the best for her nation in mind. Accordingly he officially declares the Melissia Theater neutral and independent from the rule of the Lyran Alliance. Katherine orders Marshall Nondi Steiner to arrest Adam, but she says, that there are simply no units available for this task. Furthermore, Adam Steiner would be too popular for such a move.
  • April: The fighting on Kathil has come to a halt. The neutral 2nd NAIS Training Cadre and Kathil CMM were destroyed first, then the pro-Katherine 8th FedCom RCT, then the neutral 1st Capellan Dragoons, then the 8th Donegal Guards, then the 5th Davion Guards, then the 2nd Chisholm's Raiders. During al this fighting, the shipyards kept on working. The 2nd Chisholm's Raiders held out long enough to extract two Avalon-class battlecruisers (the FCS Andrew Davion and the FCS Hanse Davion). Finally, in April, the heavily damaged, neutral 6th Syrtis Fusiliers and the pro-Victor 1st Federated Suns Armored Cavalry stand on Kathil.
  • April 9th: The 244th ComGuard Division and the Foreign Legion stand on Thorin to protect Victor’s residence. But he really is hidden in a luxurious manor on Muphrid.
  • April 16th: Nondi Steiner orders the arrest of Duke Robert Kelswa-Steiner to prevent a rebellion of the Skye region in advance.
  • April 25th: The Gray Death Legion receives orders to reinforce the defenders of Hesperus II and arrives there on Juny 14th.
  • May: Rumors about a possible invasion of New Syrtis by pro-Katherine forces rise.
  • June 4th: Victor’s forces control Alarion, Bolan, Coventry and Donegal.
  • June 15th: The 22nd Skye Rangers sneak into the Hesperus system in preparation of an invasion. First they sneak to Hesperus V and then Hesperus III, where they hide and wait for the right time for a surprise attack on the space-port of Hesperus II.
  • June 23rd: An aerospace patrol of the 12th Hesperus militia (deployed on Hesperus III) finds the landed DropShips of the 22nd Skye Rangers, but is destroyed before they can issue a warning.
  • June 28th: A task force of the Skye rebels arrives in the Hesperus-system: 2 Fox-class corvettes (the Indefatigable and the Illustrious) and the 4th Skye Rangers. They are engaged by the loyalist Avalon-class Simon Davion, which destroys the Illustrious. In return, the Simon Davion is conquered by boarding troops from the Indefatigueable. The 22nd Skye Rangers start from Hesperus III and reach Hesperus II later that day. They proceed with the alternative attack plan and attack the agricultural region of Hesperus II, to lure the defenders (Gray Death Legion, 15th Lyran Guards, 36th Lyran Guards, Defiance Security Forces) away from the installation.
  • June 30th: The 4th and 22nd Skye Rangers start an irritating strategic game against the Gray Death Legion and the 15th Lyran Guards, slowly gaining ground, while the 36th Lyran Guards stay in the Maldon valley to defend its industry.
  • July: Victor Steiner-Davion is being hidden on Muphrid. His only escort is a single battalion of the 23rd Arcturan Guards, busy luring a regiment of Katrina-loyalists through the wilderness. [1]
    The 244th ComGuard Division and the Foreign Legion are on Thorin to pretend Victor’s presence. They are fighting the 11th Arcturan Guards. [2]
  • July 1st: The Skye-controlled Simon Davion destroys the HPG of Hesperus II via an orbital bombardement, seconds before the defenders can call for reinforcements.
  • July 18th: The pro-Skye 17th Skye Rangers and 32nd Lyran Guards reach Hesperus II. The 17th Skye Rangers attack the 36th Lyran Guards, while the 32nd Lyran Guards reinforce the depleted 4th and 22nd Skye Rangers in their attack on Defiance Industries. The Gray Death Legion is wiped out, but in return, infantry from the 15th Lyran Guards captures the commander of the 32nd Lyran Guards. Defiance Industries have been successfuly defended, the Skye rebels are in disarray. Maybe the 36th Lyran Guards are dispatched to hunt them down.
  • July 22nd: The Davion Light Guards depose their CO Major-General Jon Buckvold under dubious circumstances and court-martial him for (among others) dereliction of duty. Marshal Jessica Quarles takes over the command. This shifts the political direction of the Davion Light Guards from neutral to pro-Victor.
    The Davion Light Guards, 8th Syrtis Fusiliers, New Syrtis CMM and Vanguard Legion set up plans to defend New Syrtis against possible invaders. This includes the Covenant-battlecruiser.
  • August 23rd: Isis Marik lures Victor in a restaurant and confronts him on his feelings. As this is a public appearance, she has forced him to reenter the Civil War. [3]
  • August 25th: A provisional regiment, created from the remains of pro-Katherine units, is dispatched to Hesperus II to bolster the defenders.
  • September 20th: Ardan Sortek, an emissary for Victor, arrives on New Syrtis. He tries to persuade George Hasek to support Victor, but George Hasek refuses, as he thinks that Victor wages this war to become ruler himself.
    A press spokesman on New Avalon issues a carefully-worded statement to denounce rumors, that a military strike on New Syrtis is planned.
    Katherine orders her champion Simon Gallagher to prepare an invasion of New Syrtis. He offers three units, five if Katherine were willing to wait two more months. But she wants the attack to commence as fast as possible. Katherine orders the MI6 to assassinate George Hasek.
  • October 7th: A family-council deposes the turned-senile James Sandoval and installs Tancred Sandoval as the new Duke of Robinson. He voices his intent to help Victor with full force. [4]
    The Robinson-forces are down to holding Proserpina. The Draconian counter-attack has hit Cassias, Breed, Kasai and Addicks. [5]
    The 1st Robinson Rangers are badly damaged and unable to fight in the near future. The cadre of the Robinson military academy has been destroyed on Ashio. [6]
  • October 31st: A pro-Katherine task force, consisting of the 4th Donegal Guards, 11th Avalon Hussars, Ridgebrook CMM and Avalon-class FCS Hanse Davion arrives in the New Syrtis system.
    An agent of MI6 attempts to assassinate George Hasek, but manages only to wound him gravely, before he is killed. George Hasek falls into a coma.
    Katherine Steiner-Davion delivers a press-conference, claiming that George Hasek was a secessionist and wanted to establish his own nation and House under his dictatorial rule. She said that a task-force had arrived on New Syrtis to persuade him with a "peaceful demonstration of power" to give up his plans.
    The Covenant and the FCS Hanse Davion face off in the orbit of New Syrtis. Both are destroyed, when the first attacks the latter with a suicidal ram maneuver. This merciless, suicidal behavior will set the tone for this whole conflict.
    Major-General Victor Amelio from the 4th Donegal Guards tries to buy off the Vanguard Legion with a new contract, right before the battles begin, but they reject.
  • November 1st: After long fighting, the pro-Katherine 3rd Alliance Guards have finally destroyed the pro-Victor 7th Crucis Lancers, but that victory only came in, after the 7th Crucis Lancers had destroyed the 9th Lyran Regulars (at an unknown date). Inarcs and its Mech factories are reclaimed by Katherine.
    The invaders of New Syrtis achieved great initial gains, as the defenders were demoralized. A turnaround comes as George Hasek awakes from his coma.
    Central points in this war are Cavanaugh II, Dalkeith, Giausar and Marlette, as each side has at least three units invested in these fightings.
    The pro-Victor 20th, 23rd and 25th Arcturan Guards have defeated the 3rd Donegal Guards and conquered Cumbres, but the 25th Arcturan Guards were destroyed in the process.
  • November 9: Chancellor Sun-Tzu Liao issues a press release, denouncing the accusations that the Capellan Confederation was behind the attack on George Hasek and demands proofs and a public apology from House Steiner-Davion.
    The invaders of New Syrtis have paralyzed most of its industry, but the defenders keep harassing them.
  • December 11th: George Hasek returns to his duties as CO of the defenders of New Syrtis. (He lost his left hand in the assassination attempt.) Counterattack plans to drive the invaders off New Syrtis are initiated.
  • December 31st: Demi-Precentor X Peter Fedt sends a secret message to Katherine Steiner-Davion, assuring her, that the 299th Division (except for one Level-III unit) will support her in the defense of New Avalon.
    The 11th Avalon Hussars singlehandedly try to neutralize the "cavern" (the military HQ of New Syrtis) by a parachute-surprise-attack of a company of Infiltrator Mk II Battle Armors. To their surprise, they are awaited by a company of Cavalier battle armor. The Infiltrators are finally defeated after a gruesome battle.


  • unknown date: Lieutenant-General Maria Esteban has left the Lyran forces and joined Free Skye. Her headquarter is on Freedom. [7]
  • January 21st: By two coordinated surprise attacks, units from the Vanguard Legion and the 8th Syrtis Fusiliers attack the HQ of the 11th Avalon Hussars. They capture or kill their entire command staff and leave the Hussars inoperable, as their chain of command is destroyed. The Hussars still have 70% of their initial strength.
  • January 24th: Victor arrives on Thorin with a lance of the 1st St. Ives Lancers under Kai Allard-Liao. He uses this situation to win a battle over the 1st Alarion Jaegers. He tells the 244th Comguards that the 10th Lyran Guards will replace them as his personal unit. [8]
  • January 25th: The pro-Katherine 19th Arcturan Guards and 5th Donegal Guards are deployed to New Avalon to further bolster the defenders.
  • February 12th: Using the survivors of the 11th Avalon Hussars as a bait, the New Syrtis CMM is tricked into leaving their position and attacking them on their own. The New Syrtis CMM is almost wiped out entirely, when they are attacked by the Hussars, the 4th Donegal Guards and several Aerospace Wings.
  • March: Maria Esteban’s task force of Skye separatists attack Hesperus II (again), but their chances are slim. [9]
  • unknown date: Khan Vlad Ward from Clan Wolf sends Katrina a message, offering her to attack Clan Wolf-in-Exile. He states, that he would welcome such a fight and that he would not attack her opponent without her permission. [10]
  • March 12th: The Draconis Combine destroys the 8th Crucis Lancers and reconquers Proserpina. [11]
  • March 16th: George Hasek is desperately looking for reinforcements, but none are available. He could call up several militia units, but they would end up as cannon-fodder. Ardan Sortek offers him Victor’s help: He could ask the 321st Com Guard Division to come to New Syrtis as "peacekeepers". George Hasek rejects the offer, as he does not want to owe Victor a favor.
  • March 22nd: Wernke and Marlette are practically conquered by Katrina forces. Cavanaugh II, Dalkeith, Tikonov, Kathil are in a draw. The 2nd Ceti Hussars are on Taygeta. Victor wants to talk them into helping George Hasek on New Syrtis. [12]
    Tancred Sandoval’s task force fought on Tsamma and Meinrad. Right now they are fighting the 1st Chisholm's Raiders on Nueva Valencia. He will pick up the Davion Heavy Guards on Galax. [13]
    The Davion Assault Guards freed Addicks. Tancred Sandoval negotiates peace with the Draconis Combine, giving up Breed and Kasai. [14]
    Victor announces his plan to bring his whole task force to Federated Suns-territory, including dissolving his supply network in Lyran territory. Morgan Kell will stay and keep the Lyrans busy. [15]
  • April 1st: The pro-Katherine 21st Avalon Hussars destroy the pro-Victor 20th Avalon Hussars on Wernke, securing the 'Mech factories.
  • April 4th: Tancred Sandoval's task-force has won on Nueva Valencia. Precentor Martial Gavin Dow tries to build friendly connections to Victor, in case Katrina does not win. ComStar delivers several messages from Victor and Yvonne to Tancred: Victor says, that he has started from Thorin. His targets are hidden in Yvonne’s messages, but it's an easy guess that he will attack Tikonov and/or Kathil. Tancred plans to stage an initial attack on New Avalon, even before Victor is ready, to keep the defenders from harassing Victor. [16]
  • April 19th: In a live transmission, Gavin Dow informs Katrina that Morgan Kell has sent encrypted messages in the ARD. Various units are mobilizing, including the 1st regiment of the Kell Hounds and Alpha Galaxy of Clan Wolf-in-Exile. Katrina orders him to use his forces in the Terran Corridor to stop Victor’s task force, but he refuses. He also informs her, that Morgan Kell is on the way to Zaniah III. [17]
    Katrina declines Khan Vlad Wards offer to attack the ARD. She doesn't want to owe him a favor. [18]
    Fighting on Freedom. [19] (Maybe Lyran forces are fighting Skye separatist forces.)
  • April 26th: The 4th Donegal Guards and the Ridgebrook CMM have surrounded and laid siege to New Saso, the capital of New Syrtis. The defenders (Davion Light Guards, 8th Syrtis Fusiliers, Vanguard Legion) suffer ammunition shortages.
  • May 13th: Morgan Kell visits Peter Steiner-Davion in the monastery of Zaniah III. Morgan tells him, that Peter's political influence is needed. Peter doesn't want to leave the monastery, but he will do so for the good of the Lyran people. [20]
  • May 14th: The pro-Katherine 17th Avalon Hussars arrive on New Avalon.
  • May 16th: The fighting on Cavanaugh II is over. The pro-Victor Penobscot CTM (destroyed in the fighting), 2nd Crucis Lancers and 182nd Com Guard Division have defeated the 7th and 10th Lyran Regulars. A truce was negotiated by (pro-Victor) General Richard Steiner: They cease control of Cavanaugh II and may leave the planet with all their material.
    The 4th Donegal Guards attack New Saso and fighting ensues with the Vanguard Legion and the 8th Syrtis Fusiliers. The Vanguard Legion takes the command-lance of the 4th Donegal Guards as prisoners (not knowing who they are). They begin executing them, when members of the 8th Syrtis Fusiliers arrive. Grayson Addison challenges Chad Dean to a duel over this barbaric behavior and defeats and wounds him. Major General Victor Amelio from the 4th Donegal Guards is so shocked by these events, that he declares the capitulation of the 4th Donegal Guards and the Ridgebrook CMM. The Davion Light Guards, 8th Syrtis Fusiliers and Vanguard Legion each suffered approximately 50% losses. Of the invaders, only the 4th Donegal Guards leave New Syrtis as a unit.
  • May 24th: The 2nd Ceti Hussars arrive on New Syrtis to save their Duke, after securing their planet for Victor’s cause.
  • May 28th: The fighting in the whole former Federated Commonwealth is cooling down. There are two main reasons: There are simply not enough units left for much of a war. And second, Victor and Katherine are amassing troops for the final battle. For example, Katherine has so far assembled 9 units, most of them RCTs.
  • May 29th: Duke George Hasek announces that he will not support Victor’s fight against Katherine, until he has freed every single world of the Capellan March. (This has major political implications for the Federated Suns: For the first time in centuries, another prince is challenging the power of the First Prince of New Avalon.) The 2nd Ceti Hussars and the Light Guards head off for New Avalon, but they don't have enough DropShips to transport all troops.
  • June 2nd: Victor’s task force reaches Tikonov. The campaign is scheduled to take 2 months. Victor fights with the 10th Lyran Guards and the 244th ComGuards against the 1st Republicans. [21]
  • June 30th: Tancred Sandoval’s task force (2nd Robinson Rangers, 1st Crucis Lancers, Davion Heavy Guards) breaks the blockade of New Avalon. They start fighting on the continent Rostock. [22]
  • July 7th: Ardan Sortek's task force breaks the blockade. It consists of the Davion Light Guards (down to 1 Mech-battalion plus auxilliary-troops, but intact aerospace forces), the 2nd Ceti Hussars (lost 4 dropships breaking the blockade, lost a third of Mechs and most tanks) and single elements of the Vanguard Legion. All in all it is just one 'Mech regiment in strength. [23]
  • July 10th: Sandoval’s and Sortek’s task forces unite after defeating the 3rd Robinson Rangers.
    Katrina has six loyal, fully intact units on New Avalon. [24]
  • July 23rd: The 3rd Republican Regulars capitulate to Victor’s forces. The 1st Republicans and 15th Deneb Light Cavalry withdraw from Tikonov, ceding control to Victor. [25]
  • August 18th: Peter Steiner-Davion reaches Tharkad. (He has some troops from the 20th Arcturan Guard as service personnel.) After consulting Katrina, Nondi Steiner visits him in his residence. He offers her instant peace for the Lyran Alliance: Installing him as the Archon would allow the rebels to capitulate, Nondi contributing the Lyran military to this political alliance. She refuses to accept Peter, as he is of the Steiner-Davion bloodline. (But she regards Katherine Steiner-Davion as the legitimate heir to the Steiner bloodline.) Threats are traded and war is inevitable. [26]
    The 11th Arcturan Guards and the 1st Alarion Jaegers are repositioned from Skye to Tharkad, as Morgan Kell’s attack is just a matter of time. [27]
  • August 24th: Morgan Kells forces reach Tharkad: A fleet from Clan Wolf-in-Exile (the McKenna-class Werewolf, a Cameron and a Black Lion) is fighting a lyran fleet consisting of the Mjolnir-class LAS Yggdrasil and a Fox. The ground troops consist of the 1st regiment of the Kell Hounds, 20th Arcturan Guards RCT, both regiments of the Blue Star Irregulars plus their Fredasa-class Kerensky's Blues, and various Wolf-in-Exile troops. The Fox is destroyed and the Mjolnir heavily damaged. But the Kerensky's Blues also suffers heavy damage. [28]
  • September 7th: Victor’s forces are reinforced by the Blackwind Lancers. [29]
    The Davion Assault Guards have conquered Kathil. [30]
    The 1st Republicans and the 15th Deneb Light Cavalry move to Marlette, fighting the 3rd and 5th Crucis Lancers. This is a strategic move to threaten Tikonov, so Victor can't go on with his campaign. But then Warrior House Dai Da Chi arrives, as a good-will gesture from Chancellor Sun-Tzu Liao. As Victor can't take them with him to New Avalon, he deploys them as garrison on Tikonov, freeing up several units. [31]
  • September 27th: With a fake black-mail, Victor’s agents Francesca Jenkins and Curaitis are able to kidnap Richard Dehaver, a top counselor of Katherine Steiner-Davion, on New Avalon. Francesca dies on that mission. [32]
  • October 13th: On Tharkad, the 4th Wolf Guards and Khan Phelan Kell's Keshik are fighting the 2nd Royal Guards. [33]
  • November 15th: Victor’s task force reaches New Avalon. His fleet consists initially of the Avalon-class FSS Melissa Davion and four Foxes (Kentares, Donnings, Intrepid, Robinson). The defender consist of the Avalons FSS Lucien Davion and FSS Alexander Davion and the Foxes Antrim and Murmansk. Victor lost first the Intrepid and the Donnings. Then the Kentares proceeded a ram-maneuver and activated its K-F Drive while in close proximity to the Alexander Davion. Both ships were destroyed, the Antrim damaged. Everyone was shocked by this unconventional event, but the crew of the Melissa Davion was the first to start shooting again. The Lucien Davion was soon badly damaged and offered capitulation. The Murmansk fled. [34]
  • November 20th: Victor’s forces have conquered the continent Brunswick on New Avalon, Tancred Sandoval’s troops are still on Rostock.
    Katrina gives a public speech, urging the citizens of New Avalon to hinder her brother’s forces by bringing the industry down with peaceful resistance. [35]
    Katrina had sent a message to Khan Vlad Ward, that she had changed her mind and needed his option of an attack on the ARD. He responds, that he is honor-bound not to attack, as Katrina initially accepted the challenge of the ARD. [36]
  • December: The sudden lack of industrial capacity caused supply-shortages for Victor’s troops. The 23rd Arcturan Guards were wiped out fending off the enemy and the Davion Assault Guards were almost destroyed as they held off a counter-attack that would have driven Victor’s troops off Brunswick. But other citizens use this opportunity as well, to voice their opposition by refusing to work. [37]
  • December 28th: Hunting down the 17th Avalon Hussars and the 5th Donegal Guards, Victor’s 10th Lyran Guards and Foreign Legion reach Tancred Sandoval’s troops. The 3rd Robinson Rangers are also forced to retreat. [38]


  • January: On Tharkad, Peter Steiner-Davions troops have conquered the Nagelring military academy. It's capacities of analyzing battles are of great strategic advantage. Additionally, its prestige legitimizes Peter's claim for power. The Kell Hounds wipe out the 1st Alarion Jaegers after their commander is killed in action. But the Blue Star Irregulars lose a regiment to a trap of the 11th Arcturan Guards. The 39th Avalon Hussars and the 4th Skye Rangers reinforce Peter Steiner-Davions troops, but he hesitates using them, for political reasons. [39]
  • January 19th: On Marlette, Warner Doles from the Blackwind Lancers offers the 244th ComGuards to stop fighting here and instead join Victor on New Avalon. [40]
  • unknown date: The Davion Assault Guards approach too fast, are cut off from reinforcements and are destroyed. The 1st Crucis Lancers try to save them and are destroyed as well. [41]
  • March: The movement Free Tikonov attacks Victor's forces on Tikonov. When Warrior House Daidachi shows up to help, they are also shot at and start a campaign, conquering Tikonov. They temporarily claim it for the Capellan Confederation. [42]
  • March 23rd: Nondi Steiner launches a major offensive. The center of the formation is held by the 1st Royal Guards, the flanks by the 24th Lyran Guards and the 11th Arcturan Guards, the 66th ComGuards are the reserve, behind the Royal Guards. On Peter's side, the Kell Hounds and 20th Arcturan Guards hold the center, with the 4th Wolf Guards as reserve. When the 4th Skye Rangers lure away the 11th Arcturan Guards for a deadly hide-and-seek, the front changes to a "W"-shape, Peter's forces being surrounded. Peter realizes that the commander of the ComGuards is too arrogant to accept the option of retreat, so he rearranges his troops, the Kell Hounds facing the 24th Lyran Guards, the 4th Wolf Guards facing the 1st Royal Guards and his 20th Arcturan Guards in full assault on the ComGuards. The ComGuards fall back, fighting back-to-back with the 1st Royal Guards. Then Peter changes the strategy again: He orders the arcturan tanks to take on the badly damaged ComGuards, while the arcturan Mechs, the Kell Hounds and the Wolves attack the Royal Guards. They retreat and Nondi Steiner orders the 24th Lyran Guards to sacrifize themselves to cover her retreat. Instead they capitulate. [43]
  • March 28: Victor plans his final offensive. First, Ardan Sortek's 2nd Ceti Hussars and Kai Allard-Liao's Foreign Legion will land as a distraction, stirring up the 22nd Avalon Hussars and the MCM Remagen. Then the 10th Lyran Guards and the 6th Crucis Lancers will land on the northern coast to ambush the 10th Deneb Light Cavalry. If the 299th ComGuards show up, the Davion Heavy Guards and 2nd Robinson Rangers will take care of them. The 244th ComGuards and the 1st NAIS Training Cadre are reserve. It is unknown, where Katrina's 19th Arcturan Guards or the remains of the 17th Avalon Hussars are. [44]
    Victor sent the evidence he has, Katherine being responsible for her mother's death, to Jackson Davion. Preventing a conflict of interest, he steps down as her Marshal of the Armies, Katrina loosing another important aide. [45]
  • April 2nd: Peter launches his final offensive on Tharkad City. The first line of defense are the remains of the 2nd Royal Guards and the 11th Arcturan Guards, but the Royal Guards are overwhelmed after a hard battle and the Arcturans refuse to keep on fighting against fellow lyrans. Peter arranges their capitulation. Only the 1st Royal Guards remain and they hide in Tharkad City. Fighting from street to street, Peter ends up in a direct fight with Nondi Steiner, where he kills her with a lucky shot to the cockpit. Tharkad is conquered. [46]
  • April 20th: The 2nd Davion Guards have arrived, further strengthening Victor's forces.
    Victor's forces advance steadily, forcing Katrina's forces to retreat on several flanks. The 1st NAIS Training Cadre fights the 299th ComGuards, trying to conquer their old academy. They win, as they are suddenly reinforced by the 2nd Davion Guards and elements from the 10th Lyran Guards. The 299th ComGuards are destroyed. The NAIS-cadets march towards their academy, when they are suddenly eradicated by a massive artillery-strike: The whole valley was one gigantic trap. The cadets try to flee but are annihilated completely by massive artillery fire. [47]
    Katrina's forces retreat to the spaceport, but Victor's forces are on their heels. Katrina hesitates for too long and in the end Victor's forces are close enough to prevent her escape with a suicidal assault, if necessary. She reinstalls Jackson Davion, so he can declare her capitulation. [48]
  • April 24th: Katrina is arrested. Victor broadcasts a speech, declaring the end of the FedCom Civil War and presenting Peter Steiner-Davion and Yvonne Steiner-Davion to the citizens as their new respective rulers. [49]
    To prevent Katrina from further distorting the truth, she will not be put on trial in a court. Instead she will be put under house-arrest, while the evidence of her deeds is slowly spread to the public. [50]
  • August: Several aristocrats and military commanders are still hostile to Victor, but he stays clear of such situations by issuing personal orders of Peter and Yvonne. [51]
  • August 26th: Khan Vlad Ward demands the extradition of Katherine Steiner-Davion, threatening war if he doesn't get her. Victor doesn't understand what's going on, but he complies. First to prevent war, second to ruin the image of Katherine. Maybe she would learn about honor, living among clansmen. [52]


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