Toddlette Industries

Toddlette Industries
Company Information
Interstellar Company No
Primary Site(s) Ariel
Primary Products WorkMech


Originally a mid-sized supplier of WorkMechs and industrial robots, Toddlette Industries was one of many early competitors throughout the Free Worlds League bidding for a share of the new BattleMech defense market. The company was little-known at the time, but quickly came ahead in the BattleMech arms race after recruiting retired Colonel J. Marcus Llewelyn-Jaymes as Chief Engineer.

By the end of 2469, Llewelyn-James led a hand-picked team at Toddlette in designing the company's first ever BattleMech, code-named the Trooper, a dedicated recon 'Mech they knew the FWLM would be clamoring for. The newly developed prototype, which was finally unveiled in 2475, used the same basic chassis as Toddlette's larger WorkMechs and Primitive Technology, but gained a poor reputation during trials.

Despite the less than impressive reception of Toddlette's prototype 'Mech, the League continued to purchase them. This led to the design eventually being selected to be upgraded with "modern" technology in 2501, resulting in a new version known as the Flea FLE-4.

Toddlette continued production of the Flea and the entire company was eventually purchased by Terran-based Earthwerks Incorporated in 2581, whom expanded factory lines to five worlds in total.[1]


Toddlette Industries had a manufacturing center on the following planet:


Components produced on Ariel:[1]
Component Type
TP-1R Trooper[1] Light BattleMech
FLE-4 Flea[1] Light BattleMech


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