Stellar Trek

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Stellar Trek
Company Logo

Company Logo
Company Information
Interstellar Company No
Primary Site(s) Chatham
Primary Products JumpShips

Stellar Trek is one of the largest manufacturers of JumpShips for the Combine.


The shipyard on Chatham is the only JumpShip producer still operated in the Draconis Combine.[1] After the Jihad Stellar Trek worked overtime to produce as many JumpShips as possible to quickly make up losses suffered in the Jihad. The High Command wanted to restart interstellar trade as soon as possible.[2] Though it originally produced the Kirishima WarShip, that shipyard was destroyed during the Jihad.[3]


Stellar Trek has manufacturing centers on the following planets:


Note: During the Jihad, the facility on Chatham suffered no capital and personnel losses, and the operating capacity of the factory was at 100% in 3079.[4]

Components produced on Chatham:[1][2]
Component Type
Invader[1][2] JumpShip
Merchant[1][2] JumpShip
Star Lord[citation needed] JumpShip
Monolith[1][2] JumpShip
Kearny-Fuchida Drive - JumpShips
K-F Mark V Merchant[1]
K-F Mark VIIa Invader[1]
K-F Mark VIII a-1 [citation needed]
K-F Mark X Monolith[1]


This shipyard was destroyed during the Jihad.[3]

Components produced on Togura:[5]
Component Type
Kirishima[5] WarShips
Interplanetary Drive - Combat Jumpships
? (for Kirishima) [citation needed][5]
? (for Kirishima) [citation needed][5]
Lithium-Fusion Battery
? (for Kirishima) [citation needed][5]


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