Toloy Chemicals

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Toloy Chemicals is a chemical manufacturing company in the Lyran Commonwealth.[1]

Company Profile[edit]

Commonwealth Stock Exchange Symbol: ToiChem[2]

Home Office: Moravska Ostrava, Alkaid[2]

President/CEO: Janine Toloy, Baroness von Wurzburg in (3025)[1]; Baron von Wurzburg Delbert Toloy (3067)[2]


Toloy Chemicals is a key corporation within the economy of the Lyran Commonwealth. Many other industries depend upon their industrial chemicals that any delays or problems within the company cause a ripple effect across the interstellar economy.[1]

This occurred when Duke Charles Toloy was killed in an accident in 3025 which triggered a power struggle within the company. Janine Toloy took control of her father's company, but her cousin Delbert put forth a legal challenge to her directorship.[1]

After a long and drawn-out legal proceeding Delbert Toloy was made CEO. When he inherited the company, the power struggles and witch hunts that had occurred during the legal process had badly damaged the company, leaving it on the verge of bankruptcy. This precarious situation remained in place for several decades, but in the late 3060's the company finally returned to profitability.[2]

As of 3025, Toloy Chemicals operates 20 factories across the world of Alkaid.[1]


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