Tomas Jewel

Tomas Jewel
Born: 28??
Died: ????
Affiliation Clan Fire Mandrill
Star Captain of Kindraa Smythe-Jewel

Tomas Jewel (born 28?? - died ????) was a Star Captain of Clan Fire Mandrill Kindraa Smythe-Jewel during the Golden Century.[1]


The End of the Smythe-Jewels[edit]

Tomas Jewel was the ranking officer of the Kindraa Smythe-Jewel on Foster after the death of Star Colonel William Smythe during the joint attack by Clan Hell's Horses and Clan Coyote. As the remnants of the Smythe-Jewel forces realized the hopelessness of the situation, and with nearby 'Mech forces of the invaders, not to mention Hell's Horses Elementals swarming them from all sides, the Smythe-Jewels would fall into a retreat led by Star Captain Tomas Jewel. Their retreat would be cut off by forces of Kindraa Payne, who were in the area ostensibly to secure their borders while the invaders were on world. And with the destruction and capture of their final warriors ended the Kindraa Smythe-Jewel.[1][2]


Whether he lived or died, his genetic legacy would most likely have been taken by Clan Hell's Horses who had their pick of half of all the Smythe, Jewel and Grant legacies locked away in the Smythe-Jewel facilities.[1]


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