Torrent Wolf

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Died 18th March 3133
Affiliation Clan Wolf
Steel Wolves
Star Colonel

Torrent (b. 3??? - d. 18 March 3133[1]) was a trueborn MechWarrior from Clan Wolf and Star Colonel in Kal Radick's Steel Wolves.[2] Torrent had brown eyes and shaved his head bald.[3]

Character History[edit]

Torrent had refused, on two occasions, to receive a Bloodname he found unworthy. As a ristar, this was seen as normal. He was waiting for a more prestigious bloodname to become available for him to take part in a Trial of Bloodright. For he was of the Kerensky bloodline, and only wanted the honor of having it as his bloodname.[4]

Notable Actions[edit]


Torrent was the commanding officer for an invasion force against Achernar. His goal was to lure Knight-Errant Kyle Powers away from the planet of Ronel where another invasion force was headed to secure the working HPG network. His secondary objective, was to take the planet for the Steel Wolves if at all possible.[5]

While fighting upon the planet, Torrent realized that the Republic militia and the Swordsworn were working together in a pseudo alliance which jeopardized the invasion. In order to break up this alliance and better his chances of victory, Torrent challenged the Knight to a Trial of Grievance after the Swordsworn ambushed one of his salvaging units. Torrent hoped that destroying the Knight would cause the new alliance to fail.[6]

During the trial, Torrent was able to achieve his primary goal of killing Knight Powers, however, he had to cede the field to Raul Ortega and follow the victors demands to not broaden the invasion with mass destruction.[7] Even in loss, Torrent gained a victory; the alliance that once threatened to stop the invasion, quickly crumbled.

To continue the momentum of his tactical victory, Torrent decided to gamble in order to achieve his secondary objective. Torrent pushed his force in order to take the city of San Marino and destroy his two opponents on the planet. Unfortunately, Ortega was able to once again best Torrent in open combat.[1]


In the final battle for Achernar, Torrent's 'Mech engaged Ortega's 'Mech in hand to hand combat. Ortega was able to breach the shielding on the fusion reactor, causing it to go critical. The ensuing explosion disintegrated Torrent's Tundra Wolf leaving nothing where he once was.[1]


During the invasion of Achernar, Torrent piloted a Tundra Wolf.


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