Toxin Effuser


A Toxin Effuser was a type of implant used by the Manei Domini for direct battlefield application. Like the Pheromone Effuser it was a device implanted into the operative's nose or mouth and blown onto a target. Rather than dispensing a pleasing mixture of pheromones to weaken the target's mental defenses, the toxic effuser releases a toxic chemical agent upon the agent's exhalation to a range of three meters. A wide variety of airborne poisons could be used by the toxin effuser, however the most common was a concoction specially designed by the Manei Domini, known as the "Manei Mortis" or "Hands of Death," which could kill within seconds of inhalation. To prevent the agent from killing themselves with their own weapon those who received this implant underwent chemical treatments during their post-surgery recovery time to boost their own immunity, with most also taking a filtration implant for further protection. While able to deliver ten "doses" like the pheromone device, the toxin effuser did not use chemicals from the agent's body and so must be restored via direct injection, typically behind the jawbone or in the side of the neck. Agents of the rank Tau or higher could receive this implant, which came in either a ten-dose or twenty-dose options.[1]



In CBT play the toxin effuser only applies if a majority of the platoon is so implanted and only affects conventional infantry who lack hostile environment or chemical warfare gear. Assuming the use of Manei Mortis each trooper may add .27 damage points to any successful attacks against enemy infantry in the same hex.[1]


In RPG play an operative with the toxin effuser is granted the Poison Resistance Trait assuming they don't already have it. They may use any variety of poisons but the most common one is Manei Mortis, with the statistics below.[1]

Damage: 6D6 (-1D6 per meter)
Duration: 4 (-1 per meter)
Speed: 1 (+1 per meter)
Detection Difficulty: +3
Notes: Lethal; Inhaled


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