Toyama's Strength

Toyama's Strength
Vessel Profile
Type JumpShip
Class unknown

The Toyama's Strength was a JumpShip of unspecified type, capable of carrying at least two DropShips and equipped with a Lithium-Fusion Battery. It was in service to the Word of Blake as of 3071.[1]


When the HPG station on Phact signalled on 3 September 3071 that they were under siege from a hostile Capellan Confederation force the Word of Blake immediately began a relief operation. This included sending the Toyama's Strength to the 124563-A system with the DropShip Light's Beauty attached. They were joined by the Overlord-class DropShip Valhalla Glory, carried on the JumpShip Pure Word, on 13 September. The Light's Beauty supplied drop cocoons to the BattleMechs aboard the Valhalla Glory, and the Toyama's Strength then carried both DropShips to a pirate jump point in the Phact system where they mounted a rescue operation, then returned to the Toyama's Strength. By virtue of its LF battery the Toyama's Strength could jump again immediately and was back in the 124563-A system with both DropShips and 309 rescued people on board by 16 September.[1]


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