Tracer Ammo


Tracer ammunition are slug-firing rounds used during night combat to aid in the targeting of rapid-firing weapons. Inserted at regular intervals with regular rounds, a small amount of pyrotechnical chemical at the base of the tracer produces a bright light as it moves through the air. The glowing effect shows the path of the weapon's shots so that the firer may easily adjust their aim for maximum effect.[1] Tracer rounds do 1 less damage per shot (to a minimum of 1 damage) but reduce their to-hit modifiers for night combat to +1 (rather than +2) and eliminate any dusk/dawn modifiers. [2]



Item: Tracer
Equipment Rating: C/B-B-B/B
Cost/Reload: x1.5
Notes: +1 Attack Roll Modifier for Suppression Fire or in Darkness; +2 Perception to spot an Attacker using Tracer Ammo



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