Tracy Rhys

Tracy Rhys
Affiliation Free Worlds League
Republic of the Sphere


Tracy Rhys (???? - ????) was a member of the armed forces of both the Free Worlds League and later, the Republic of the Sphere.[1]


Tracy Rhys served as a Sergeant in the Free Worlds League Military prior to the Jihad. Rhys was recognized as a hero for her role in the assault on the Word of Blake Space Defense System complex at Rio during the liberation of Terra.[1]

Rhys' reputation grew further when, now serving as a Major in the coalition forces, Rhys led two battalions of Battle Armor troops in a six-hour battle to capture the Lowyfur, the last active Wyrm-class submersible SDS platform on Terra. Rhys' and her troops were deployed onto the Lowyfur by rapid drop from Aurora-class DropShips after a team of Gurkha commandos executed a daring HALO drop onto the Lowyfur when it surfaced amidst a storm in the North Sea to re-air. The surviving Gurkhas stormed the bridge of the Lowyfur, delaying it from submerging long enough for Rhys and her troopers to deploy. The Lowyfur was cleared one deck at a time in a fierce close-quarter battle, with Rhys' finally declaring the Lowyfur cleared and captured 3,000 meters below the surface of the North Sea on February 12, 3080.[1]


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