Triasch Keshik (Clan Steel Viper)

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Triasch Keshik
Unit Profile (as of 3075)
Parent Formation Clan Steel Viper Touman
Disbanded 3075 (Destroyed)


Operation Revival[edit]

The Triasch Keshik formally accepted the planet of Waldorff from Clan Jade Falcon without a shot being fired, on the orders of the ilKhan in November 3051, during Operation Revival. [1]

Post Invasion[edit]

In 3059 the Keshik was transferred to serve as the command unit of Alpha Galaxy.[2] Although it was seperated from the main body as it was stationed on Strana Mechty. However, by 3067 it had taken an independent command role again, and was still on Strana Mechty.[3]

The Keshik fought on Waldorff alongside the Fourth Viper Guards against the Falcon's Delta Galaxy in 3061.[4]

The Triasch Keshik led the assault on Lum in 3065 and was notably the last Viper unit to depart the planet, Khan Zalman insisted he would not leave the planet while his troops remained there. The Keshik took significant casualties as the fighting wore on, most notably when the Khan’s DropShip was destroyed.[5]

After the Battle of Lum a year of Trials was held to determine those warriors worthy of joining the Keshik. The unit returned to its full strength of five Trinaries in 3067.[5]

War of Reaving[edit]

In January 3070 the Triasch Keshik assaulted the Falcon holdings on Strana Mechty and after only a few hours had destroyed every last Falcon warrior.[6]

IlKhan Andrews' violation of the Council's rules and traditions by shooting Khan N'Buta during the meeting pushed the Cloud Cobra Khan Hollyann Kardaan to condemned the act as evidence of the Steel Vipers' corruption, calling for an Annihilation of the Clan. The Keshik were defending New Kent when a combined Clan force attacked in December 3075. After an epic naval battle that saw over 500 Viper fighters engage and destroyed the last of the Viper capitol ships the Clans landed. Over a quarter of the transport DropShips had been destroyed in space and the ground batteries took a further toll. The Blood Spirt's land first followed by the Stone Lions, silencing the batteries and allowing the rest of the assault force to land. After a week of fighting the Vipers including the Triasch Keshik were surrounded. The final assault eventually came after a lull in fighting, but the Vipers turn the shattered street of New Kent City into a fortress and could not be dislodged. As the casualties mounted the new ilKhan recalled his forces and obliterated the city and all surviving Steel Vipers with an orbital bombardment.[7]


Natalie Breen was the commander during the Invasion of the Inner Sphere. Perigard Zalman took command when he was elevated to Khan in 3052,[8] although Star Colonel Henri Mercer commanded on a day to day basis.[9] In 3065 Brett Andrews took command until his death in July 3075.[10] The last commander was Boyle Grimani.


The Keshik specialized in fast assaults, employing speed and accuracy to demoralize its opponents.[2]



Triasch Keshik [9]

  • Triasch Command Star (1 OmniMech Star)
  • Trinary Tau (3 OmniMech Stars)
  • Trinary Omega (3 OmniMech Stars)
  • Trinary Zeta (3 OmniMech Stars)
  • Trinary Rho (3 Elemental Stars)
  • Trinary Echo (3 OmniFighter Stars)


Triasch Keshik - Elite/Fanatical [2]

  • 5 Trinaries


Triasch Keshik - Elite/Fanatical [3]

  • 95% full strength and fully equipped with OmnMechs



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