Triple-Strength Myomer Implant


Triple-Strength Myomer Implants were one of two distinct types of subdermal Myomer implants, among the most radical and invasive of implants used by intelligence operatives of the Great Houses. A technique pioneered by the Capellan Confederation and using Triple-Strength Myomer as its basis, this implant effectively doubled all of the benefits of standard Elective Myomer Implants to grant the agent inhuman strength and amazing reflexes.[1]

Only members of the intelligence agencies of the Great Houses had access to these implants, and attempting to acquire them on the black market was extremely difficult. Designed to work as a full-body implant, the limbs, torso and even the head were subject to excruciating surgery necessary to replace the existing musculature, and only those of fit constitution could undergo this procedure. Even if the surgery was successful there was a chance the agent's body would reject the implants, requiring a second more dangerous surgical procedure, along with a chance of permanent disability or madness. Due to the metabolic demands of the TSM implants the agent also suffered from chronic headaches which required constant medication every six hours (and resulted in many becoming addicted to the painkillers). Treatment for wounds sustained to the implanted area was also more difficult and recovery times were lengthened; in addition since the TSM implants couldn't heal on their own they required further surgical procedures to be repaired and replaced. A further side effect from the implantation of myomer in the subject's head was the creation of an unnatural appearance and made subtle facial expressions more difficult.[1]

Among the Manei Domini this upgrade was available to agents of Tau rank and above, and could be implanted by itself or along with Dermal Myomer Armor Implants. The implant was incompatible with Prosthetic Leg MASC.[2] Manei Domini field operatives with TSM implants have been known to use them to gruesome effect, including a single trooper holding a man in the air by his arms then ripping both out of their sockets.[3]



In CBT play each Manei Domini infantry trooper with TSM implants can deliver an additional .14 damage points to other infantry while in the same hex. If the entire conventional infantry unit is implanted with TSM implants they may reduce the crew needs of all support weapons by 1 (or 2 if both dermal armor and TSM is used) to a minimum of 1. Battle armor troopers may deliver an additional 1 damage point per trooper when in close combat, including when making anti-'Mech attacks. MechWarriors, fighter pilots and vehicle crews with TSM ignore damage from falls and crew hits.[2]


In RPG play TSM implants have the equipment rating F/E/F and their cost is based on the equivalent Type 5 limb plus 150%, with the head costing 30,000 and the full torso 150,000. While only individual limbs can be implanted with Dermal Armor, if all four limbs are implanted than the torso automatically receives reinforcement for free. Only characters with a BOD of 5+ or the Fit Trait could receive this implant. Triple-Strength Myomer Implants add +4 to the character's STR and REF, adds the Toughness and Unattractive Traits and subtracts -1 from CHA.[1][2]


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