Triumvirate Regency

The Triumvirate Regency ruled the Lyran Commonwealth during the minority of Elizabeth Steiner. It consisted of Duchess Rebecca Morgan Steiner wife of Claudius Steiner, Henry DeCalidore Speaker of the Assembly of the Estates General, and Duchess Ilysa Aten.[1] It was formed because Duchess Rebecca Morgan Steiner didn't wish to rule as regent because she believed the power caused Claudius' madness.[2] The last four years of the Triumverate Regency were less effective than the first six as the three members began to play political games against each other rather than work together for the good of the realm. These games were not effective for the realm, but did serve as an education for the future Archon.[3] In addition when the realm faced a major threat, such as a House Kurita invasion, the Regents banded together to counter it.[4]

During the Regency, arts of all sorts flourished.[2]


Preceded by
Claudius Steiner
Archon of the Lyran Commonwealth

Succeeded by
Elizabeth Steiner

28492859Claudius SteinerLyran Commonwealth


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