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Troll was a Spanish magazine, now defunct specialized in war and role-playing games, it was published intermittently by different publishers between 1986 and 1990 (under the title Troll, a sort of letter game with T-Rol-L (Rol == RPG in spanish)) and between 2010 and 2016 (under the name Troll_2.0).

The publication Troll was bimonthy while Troll_2.0 did not have any kind of predefined schedule. For additional information, check the corresponding wiki article (in spanish only)

Under the Troll name, three numbers did contain specific battletech content:

Troll - Number 23[edit]

Troll - Number 23 Cover

This magazine was published for May-June 1990 when the first Battletech products where translated to spanish. It contains: A five pages article on BattleTech presentation in Spanish. An article that defines custom Battletech equipment designed by the magazine. The article also gives a system to explain how possible is for this technology to be available:

  • Equipo de Mando, Control y Comunicaciones Electrónicos (EMCCE): A piece of equipment that gives a +2 to the initiative rolls. 2.5 Tons and 1 Mech space in the Head.
  • Equipo Electrónico de Enlace Aéreo y Artillero (E3A2): By sacrificing the shot of one of the Mechs Laser, it can we fired as a laser designator so it gives a -2 to any hit roll for an aerospace fighter or artillery unit to fire against any unit on that target hex. 0,5 tons and 1 slot in the Head.
  • Componentes "BergeMech" (CBM): A modification to Mechs of at least 50 tons and with a 200 Rate engine at least that convert the 'Mech in a loadermech able to pick and move any BattleMech. 7 tons and one slot in each arm and two slots in both right and left torso.
  • Descargadores de Humo (DH): A sort of smoke grenade launcher that creates smoke in the hex the mech is. 0,5 tons and 1 slot space.
  • Equipo de Guerra Electrónica (EGE): A high energy radio equipment that attacks enemy communications, given them a -1 in their initiative rolls. 1 ton and 1 slot space.
  • Equipo de ContraMedidas Electrónicas: An electronic system that protects from most BattleMech sensors by giving to your enemies as +1 to hit roll if they more than 6 hex than the firer. 1 ton and 1 slot space.
  • Radar AntiAéreo Especializado (R2AE): A very sofisticated radar that gives to the BattleMech a -3 to hit roll against any any flying unit more than 5 hexes from the BattleMech. 1,5 tons and 2 slot spaces.

An Scenario (Emboscada en Kittery - Ambush on Kittery: This scenario describes the fight between Justin Allard and Phillip Capet, Valkyrie versus Rifleman. It is a 12 turns combat where the Valkyrie has to survive (or destroy the Rifleman) to win.

Troll - Number 24[edit]

Troll - Number 24 Cover

This magazine was published for July-August 1990. It contains: A one page article on the miniatures available for playing battletech at that time. An article of the upcoming spanish version of CityTech. One scenario (Asalto en Bulum (Primera parte) - Assault on Bulum (first part)): Set during the Fourth Succession War, during the invasion of Tikonov when elements of the Seventh Crucis Lancers attack the coastal city of Bulum, in the south east continent. The attackers are the McKinnon's Company and some associated units of the RCT against House Liao BattleMech elements and on infantry regiment. One combat situation. The article contains historcial information on all the non-canon units presented.

Troll - Number 25[edit]

Troll - Number 25 Cover

This was the last magazine of the first incarnation, and covered September-October 1990. It contains: One scenario (Asalto en Bulum (Segunda parte) - Assault on Bulum (second part)): The continuation of the previous magazine scenario, in this case with two combat situations and a lot of special explanations for victory conditions. The article contains historcial information on all the non-canon units presented.