Troy (Individual Scout-class JumpShip)

Vessel Profile
Type JumpShip
Class Scout


The Troy was a Scout-class JumpShip which until late 3073 was in service with Clan Blood Spirit in the Clan Homeworlds as the CBS Troy. The Troy was successfully bargained for by Merchant Factor Lorenzo of Clan Diamond Shark following the recovery of Lorenzo, the Fourth Vinton Defense Cluster and a quantity of civilians and materiel from the last Diamond Shark holding to survive the Clan Coyote, the enclave of Verne.[1]

The Trial for ownership of the Troy was a lengthy one, and involved not just the solving of several complex economic problems but also chess and a game of trivia, all staged between Merchant Factor Lorenzo of the Diamond Sharks and Merchant Factor Yasia of the Blood Spirits, all conducted in Refuge, the capital city of the hidden Blood Spirit world in the Colleen system known as Haven. Lorenzo was victorious, gaining control of the Troy and a single Condor-class DropShip and enough supplies to last Lorenzo and the other Diamond Shark civilians on a voyage to the Inner Sphere.[1]

Lorenzo took the Troy out of the Colleen system in December 3073, and began the long journey to the Chainlaine Isles. In February 3074 the Troy jumped into the middle of a Bandit Caste raiding force, who promptly boarded the Troy and attempted to capture her, her DropShip and those aboard. The Bandits were singularly unprepared for the defiance exhibited by Lorenzo and his crew; the Diamond Shark civilians were largely unarmed, but that didn't stop them mobbing the Bandits and making weapons out of anything they could find. The Troy's crew used the ship's systems and a number of ambushes to capture and subdue the Bandits before leading an assault of their own in turn - seizing the Bandit JumpShip and her two DropShips full of cargo. That cargo was discovered to include quantities of advanced ProtoMech technology, as the Bandit group had been on a resupply run from Tanis. The Bandits were then spaced, and both JumpShips continued towards the Chainlaine Isles, finally arriving in July 3074.[1]


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