True Vision

True Vision
Vessel Profile
Type WarShip
Class Congress

The longest serving flagship of Clan Nova Cat, the Congress-class frigate True Vision was a WarShip within the naval forces of Clan Nova Cat Touman.


While only able to win the status of a reserve force during the Trials for Operation Revival, the Command Trinary of Clan Nova Cat's Nova Cat Keshik was allowed by ilKhan Leo Showers to accompany the invaders to the Inner Sphere aboard the True Vision primarily as observers and only allowed to assist the leading Clans in minor actions. True Vision traveled with the Clan Wolf fleet, allowing the Nova Cat Khans to fight alongside the Wolves on Drask's Den. [1]

Due to their limited-combat role, when ComStar established contact with the Clans and sent Precentor Martial Anastasius Focht to act as the Order's ambassador, the True Vision was assigned to escort him to the CWS Dire Wolf. The journey started on a bad note when Oathmaster Biccon Winters physically attacked Focht immediately after boarding the True Vision upon catching sight of his white robes, citing that ComStar was the "white mist" mentioned in her recent visions that threatened to destroy all the Clans.[1]

As of 3058 the True Vision was the lead-ship of the Clan Nova Cat Naval Reserve in the Inner Sphere.[2]

As at April 3062 True Vision was serving the Second Star League as the SLS True Vision, command vessel of the Vision Naval Star. For more than a century the True Vision had served as the Nova Cat flagship, but following the Abjuration of the Nova Cats and their exile from the Clan Homeworlds, the True Vision was replaced as flagship by the newly-renamed Black Lion-class battlecruiser NCS Severen Leroux.[3]

The True Vision was reported to have been one of seven Nova Cat WarShips lost during a Trial of Possession conducted against Clan Ghost Bear for control of the Leviathan-class battleship CGB Rasalhague in May 3067 in what became known as the Second Naval Battle of Alshain, or the Trial of Retribution.[4] It carried the DropShips Sacred Rite and Dragon's Heart into this particular battle.[5]

However, the True Vision appears to have been salvaged during the Jihad, and in 3078 the NCS True Vision served as a part of Task Force EARTHBOUND, the WarShip flotilla responsible for clearing the naval defenses around Terra.[6]

By the end of the Jihad the True Vision had been lost for a second time.[7]


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