Tsunami Heavy Gauss Rifle (Battle Armor)

This article is about the Battle Armor weapon. For the infantry support weapon, see Tsunami Heavy Gauss Rifle.

Tsunami Heavy Gauss Rifle
Production information
Type Ballistic
Tech Base IS
Year Availability 3056 (DC)
Technology Rating E
Availability Ratings X/X/E
Technical specifications
Damage 1
Short Range 2
Medium Range 4
Long Range 5
Mass 125 kg
Space Slots 2
Mass Per Reload 1.0kg (5)
Cost (unloaded) 9,500[1]
BV (2.0) 6[2]


The Tsunami Heavy Gauss Rifle was originally produced in secret by the Draconis Combine as an infantry portable gauss rifle to take down Battle Armor. It was first used in a raid on the Clan Nova Cat-held world of Tarnby, where it proved itself powerful enough to quickly and efficiently kill Elementals. Since then the Tsunami has been adapted for use as a battle suit weapon itself, and become a favorite among battle armor users for taking on enemy suits.[3][4]


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