Twycross Tamar March Militia

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Twycross Tamar March Militia
Unit Profile (as of 3050)
Nickname unknown
Parent Formation Tamar March Militia
Formed unknown

The Twycross Tamar March Militia or Twycross TMM for short was the defending force of the Twycross system until 3050 when it was destroyed by Clan Jade Falcon during the early Clan Invasion.[1]



The Falcon Guards Cluster of Clan Jade Falcon arrived in the Twycross system on June 2nd 3050 and immediately issued a batchall to the defending TMM. Not knowing how to respond the TMM's commanding officer Leftenant-General John Cicero refused the challenge.[2] The militia unit put up a fanatical struggle against the Clan invaders. After three weeks of fighting, survivors of the Twycross TMM withdrew from the planet. However, though losing the planet, they brought out intelligence to help the AFFC High Command to develop strategies to overcome the Clans.[1][3]


In 3050, the commanding officer was Leftenant-General John Cicero.[2][4]


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