Tyr (Individual JumpShip)

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Vessel Profile
Type JumpShip


The Tyr was a JumpShip of unspecified type, operated by the Lyran Commonwealth.

During the Fourth Succession War it was involved in the strike against Draconis Combine staging areas on Dromini IV, carrying the 10th Lyran Guards' DropShips to the system. On 15 September 3029 the Tyr deployed fourteen Lyran Loki agents against a Combine JumpShip flotilla at a pirate jump point near Dromini VII that resulted in the successful sabotage of seven vessels including the Samayou Hito.[1] Those operatives had masqueraded as crewmen on the JumpShip that had delivered the strike force, and had not deployed from another JumpShip.[2]

It is implied that the Tyr was also the same JumpShip that would bring back the survivors of the 10th Lyran Guards' suicidal attack. The DropShip capacity of the Tyr remains unknown.[1]


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