Tyrannos Rex

Tyrannos Rex
Vessel Profile
Type DropShip
Class Excalibur

The Excalibur-class DropShip Tyrannos Rex should not be confused with the DropShip Tyrannosaurus Rex, also Excalibur-class. It has been clarified in an official ruling that these are different vessels.[1]


The Tyrannos Rex was a former military DropShip which saw service with Federated Commonwealth and later the Federated Suns. The ship was de-militarized after the events of the Jihad and saw service as a freighter. It became part of the merchant fleets of the Republic of the Sphere by 3130. A few years after the blackout of the HPG grid in 3132, then ship came into the service of renegade Governor of the Republic's Prefecture VI, Duke Aaron Sandoval, as a mobile palace and headquarters.

During the excape from New Canton, the ship reportedly pulled six Gs, suggesting its drive system was massively more powerful than a normal Excalibur's.[2]

Ship History[edit]

Rescue of Aaron Sandoval II[edit]

As of October 3134, the Tyrannos Rex had recently had its cargo seized on New Canton after the manufacturing tools it carried had been declared "war materiel". The ship's commanding officer and master, Captain Gus Clancy, was facing bankruptcy when he witnessed the crash of Duke Sandoval's Union-class DropShip Kiwanda off the shore of the Baraso Island Spaceport. The Duke escaped in a BattleMech, but was pursued by forces from the local government with whom he had had a falling-out. Over the radio, he offered half a million C-Bills to any party to rescue him and bring him off-world. Clancy demanded a million, and the Duke accepted. Clancy and his crew rescued the ragged and exhausted Duke and his surviving staff from local security forces.

The Tyrannos Rex safely took off from the planet and lost its pursuers after three days of travel to the jump point, where a JumpShip was waiting. Duke Sandoval tried to buy the ship from Clancy and failed. However, after haggling with Captain Clancy, he hired the ship to be his personal flagship.[3]

Flagship of Duke Sandoval[edit]

The Tyrannos Rex traveled to the staging area of the SwordSworns' fleet, where they made arrangements to refit the ship for the Duke's needs. The refit took place on a few weeks later Azha. The duke hired some of the best shipwrights he could find along with a number of craftsmen. The ship's main hold was transformed into a false Palace to be used to entertain politicians and other guests. These areas of the ship were referred to as the stage areas. The stage area was equipped with extensive amounts of furniture from the original Star League. Duke Sandoval meant to use the ship as symbol of victory to help him lure potential worlds to his coalition to fight House Liao, and ultimately join House Davion.

The ship's exterior was painted a shiny silver, with a huge SwordSworn emblem adorning its sides of the ship. A "notch" was created in the hull, with false Greek columns[4]

In late November, the Tyrannos Rex arrived at Ningpo, where Captain Clancy conducted a spectacular flyover and then a highly skilled landing stunt with the ship's main thrusters at the docking pad. Once on planet, Duke Sandoval invited the planet's leading politicians and notable celebrities to the ship for a dinner in his palace on board, successfully swaying the planetary dignities and the local celebrities into joining his coalition.[5]

The ship traveled to Poznan next, where the Duke attempted to convince the disgruntled population to join with him. However, the ship had to move off to rescue SwordSworn forces on the besieged world of St. Andre. Duke Sandoval had the ship gather BattleMech forces to counter-assault the Liao invasion of the SwordSworn-held fortress on the planet. On Christmas eve, the Tyrannos Rex and three Union-class DropShips reduced Liao DropShips attempting land troops on Fort Ravensglade into burning wreckages. Then Tyrannous Rex and other ships of Swordsworn squadron dropped their payload of BattleMechs, with Duke Aaron Sandoval leading the way. The successful assault saved the SwordSworn forces on the ground from destruction.[6]

Duke Sandoval continued to use the Tyrannos Rex as his flagship. After the summit among Inner Sphere leaders on Terra, the Tyrannos Rex transported the Duke to meet Julian Davion on Northwind. His nephew, Erik, notes this event and refers to the DropShip as "that flying palace of his".


  • Its not known was happened to the Tyrannos Rex after the Duke's death.


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