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The University of Proserpina is an important military university, located on Proserpina in the Draconis Combine. Heavily associated with the Proserpina Hussars, UP offers courses for MechWarrior, aerospace pilots, conventional armor and infantry training, for both enlisted and officers, and provides one of the most balanced learning experience in the Combine.[1][2][3]

A majority of applicants come from Proserpina herself, although the university's reputation is such that it attracts students from the most remote parts of the Combine. However, are particularly scare at UP, both because the planet is so close to the Federated Suns border and because the Proserpina Hussars traditionally maintain and refurbish the school themselves, leaving less financial support from the DCMS itself.[2][3] This is particularly the case with BattleMechs - in 3025 the university had just six 'Mechs to train with, and most were in terrible condition[1] - which makes the school judicious in who it accepts.[2][3]

A two-month basic training course is followed by advanced training in the student's MOS, which varies depending on their rank and specialty: non-commissioned infantry training can last six months, while MechWarrior and aerospace pilot training lasts four years. Thanks to the selection process and hands-on training, attrition among the student body is particularly low, and many gain the type of confidence not seen at other academies. The exception to this was the university's two-year Battle Armor course, recently added in 3058, for which they were still ironing out the rough edges.[2][3]

Unsurprisingly, a majority of UP graduates will serve with the Proserpina Hussars, and are likewise ignored by other DCMS regiments.[2][3]


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