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The Draconis Combine Mustered Soldiery (DCMS) is the military arm of the Draconis Combine. The warriors of the DCMS live by the tenets of bushido, the code of the samurai.

Command Structure[edit]


The Coordinator of the Draconis Combine is the titular head of the DCMS, although a significant amount of authority can be delegated to a Gunji-no-Kanrei.


The post of Gunji-no-Kanrei (Deputy of Military Affairs) was resurrected after the Fourth Succession War by Coordinator Takashi Kurita to oversee the rebuilding and restructuring of the DCMS, reporting only to the Coordinator himself. Prior to the Fourth Succession War, the only figure to hold the position was Urizen Kurita I.

Military District Commanders[edit]

The military districts that make up the Combine are ruled by a Tai-shu (Warlord) who is in command of all military forces in the district.

Units of the Draconis Combine Mustered Soldiery[edit]

The Combine military is divided between those units assigned to the defense of a specific military district and so-called free floating regiments who are assigned as needed.


Deployment Status[edit]

In 2750 the military strength of Draconis Combine was at 55 BattleMech regiments and 30 WarShips, by 2765 this had increased to 115 well equipped 'Mech regiments, and the naval fleet had a volume of 42 vessels.[1]

Active Brigades[edit]

These brigades are active as of 3079.[2]

Benjamin Regulars[edit]

Main article: Benjamin Regulars

While the Benjamin Military District is one of the smallest, the DCMS High Command uses the Benjamin Regulars as a ready-reserve to bolster both defensive and offensive operations.

Benjamin Regulars

Dieron Regulars[edit]

Main article: Dieron Regulars

With the Dieron Military District closest to Terra, the well respected Dieron Regulars frequently see action against both the Lyran Commonwealth and Federated Suns and boast more 'Mech regiments than any other military district.

Dieron Regulars

Galedon Regulars[edit]

Main article: Galedon Regulars

Assigned to protect the largest section of the Combine bordering the Federated Suns and the Periphery, along with the former capital New Samarkand, the Galedon Regulars enjoy good relations with the Sun Zhang Mechwarrior Academy and Draconis Combine Port Authority thanks their location in the Galedon Military District.

Though the Galedon Military District was renamed the New Samarkand Military District, Galedon Regulars units that survived the Jihad were not renamed. New units raised in the New Samarkand Military District were raised as New Samarkand Regulars, however.[3]

Galedon Regulars

Pesht Regulars[edit]

Main article: Pesht Regulars

The largest of the military districts and boasting the Combine's capital of Luthien, the Pesht Regulars also had the fewest 'Mech regiments thanks to Pesht Military District's position away from the Lyran and Davion borders, a choice which hampered the defense of the region during the Clan Invasion.

Pesht Regulars


Main article: Genyosha

The Genyosha was originally formed in 3027 by order of Coordinator Takashi Kurita by his cousin and excellent military commander Yorinaga Kurita, to become an elite military formation that answers only to the Coordinator himself. The unit was principally created as a counter to the highly mobile mercenary unit known as the Kell Hounds, whom had disgraced Yorinaga on Mallory's World. The unit has been among most elite military forces in the Combine, being lead by future Coordinator Hohiro Kurita during the Clan War and fought in the Great Refusal.

The formation grew between the Fourth Succession War and the Clan Invasion to two Regiments.

Insignia of the Genyosha


Main article: Otomo

The Otomo are the Palace Household Guard of the Draconis Combine. Slightly more than a regiment in size, their sole purpose is to protect Unity Palace on Luthien and the Coordinator. Members of the Otomo are taken from Sword of Light regiments and the five military districts. The Coordinator assembles a list of potential members, who are then investigated by the ISF.[4] Unit composition is a mix of 'Mechs, armor, and infantry. Traditionally, only a member of the Kurita family can become commander of the Otomo.

Izanagi Warriors[edit]

Main article: Izanagi Warriors

The Izanagi Warriors, also known as 'Dragon's Claws', were founded by Takashi Kurita as an bodyguard unit loyal to him personally. This was done to safeguard against the possibility of a coup against him. It was initially formed from retired veterans.[5]

Sword of Light[edit]

Main article: Sword of Light

The Sword of Light represent the elite of the Draconis Combine Mustered Soldiery's BattleMech arm. In order to join, one must have five years of flawless service in another regiment and pass a series of mental, physical, spiritual, and political tests. Non-combat staff are tested in the same manner. Sword of Light regiments receive top priority for supplies, and even have their own dedicated JumpShips and DropShips. The Sword of Light regiments are not tied to a specific area of deployment, but travel the realm to assist where needed. Their 'Mech paint scheme is usually flat red, with the Kurita crest on the left shoulder.

Numbering twelve regiments until 2740 when the number of regiments in the Sword of Light was reduced to five, with each regiment representing one of the five Pillars of Combine society, to compensate for the smaller brigade the regiments themselves reorganised to consist of four battalions instead of three.[6]

Sword of Light
Sword of Light.jpg

Sun Zhang Cadres[edit]


The Sun Zhang Academy Cadres consists of graduates from the first phase of training from the Sun Zhang MechWarrior Academy. Their training continues as active duty in the Cadres. The students are evaluated after tours of duty that lasts nine months, after which those that pass graduate.[7]

Ghost Regiments[edit]

Main article: Ghost Regiments

The brainchild of Theodore Kurita (from an idea given to him by Michi Noketsuna) in the days following the Fourth Succession War, Theodore turned to the undesirables of the Draconis Combine - women, lower classes and the Yakuza - to quickly form new units in the mold of the Federated Commonwealth Corps. While instrumental in the Combine's defense during the War of 3039, the Ghost Regiments ties to the Yakuza oyabun who funded and outfitted them led to questions as to their loyalty among the more traditional members of the DCMS. The Ghost Regiments were disbanded after the Jihad, partly to meet the Combine's disarmament requirements, partly to appease those opposed to Theodore's reforms.

Legion of Vega[edit]

Main article: Legion of Vega

While still tainted by the stigma of being a collection of misfits and malcontents unsuitable to serve in other DCMS units, the Legion of Vega regiments were among the first to follow the modern military doctrine of Theodore Kurita.

Legion of Vega
Insignia of the Legion of Vega


Main article: Ryuken

Trained by and created in the mold of the legendary Wolf's Dragoons mercenary unit, the Ryuken represent some of the most devoted adherents to methods of warfare practiced in the modern Draconis Combine Mustered Soldiery, stained by their failure to defeat their former friends.

In 3023 Takashi Kurita hired Wolf's Dragoons to train a regiment in their tactics and tactical doctrines. The Ryuken regiment trained with and fought alongside Wolf's Dragoons, learning how to fight like the Wolf's Dragoon's. The Ryuken succeeded beyond expectations, causing Takashi Kurita to order the regiment broken into companies and to train and expand into their own regiments.

In 3027 the Dragoons contract with the DCMS expired and Jaime Wolf decided to leave Combine space. Warlord Grieg Samsonov did not want to allow the elite mercenary unit to leave his service and ordered several Ryuken regiments to stop them. The newly-formed Ryuken regiments met the Dragoons but proved not to be their match. Though almost crippled in the conflict, the Dragoons decimated four of the Ryuken regiments before leaving Combine space.


Amphigean Light Assault Group[edit]

Their origins muddied, either as units formed in the mold of the Chain Gang Missions or as mercenaries directly employed by Amphigean Agriculture Inc.[8] and loaned to the Combine, the Amphigean Light Assault Group generally serve as high speed shock troops with a pack mentality to combat.

Amphigean Light Assault Group

Proserpina Hussars[edit]

Main article: Proserpina Hussars

One of the oldest Combine units, the Proserpina Hussars are legendary for their hit and run attacks. The unit also has a close relationship with the University of Proserpina, with a large number of officers alumni of that center of learning.

Proserpina Hussars
Insignia of the Proserpina Hussars

An Ting Legion[edit]

Main article: An Ting Legion

Formed in the wake of the First Succession War on the then still prosperous world of An Ting, the An Ting Legions have a history of honored service to the Combine and are closely linked to the An Ting Academy.

An Ting Legion
Insignia of the An Ting Legion

Arkab Legion[edit]

Main article: Arkab Legion

In 2497, the Combine moved to take control of the planets held by the Azami. However, a virus to which the Azami themselves were immune killed the Kurita forces, leaving the determined natives victorious. After this, the Combine decided to grant the Azami limited autonomy in return for their loyalty and service. To make use of their spirit, they were trained as MechWarriors and granted three regiments worth of light and medium 'Mechs. These forces, known as the Arkab Legions, specialize in lightning-quick reconnaissance and raiding.[9]

Arkab Legion
Insignia of the Arkab Legion

Inactive Brigades[edit]

These are former brigades, no longer active.

Rasalhague Regulars[edit]

Main article: Rasalhague Regulars

The core of the forces of the politically-sensitive Rasalhague Military District, the Rasalhague Regulars were noted for their actions against the Lyran Commonwealth as much the constant ISF scrutiny intended to ensure their loyalty to the Combine. The Regulars were disbanded upon the formation of the Free Rasalhague Republic.

Alshain Regulars[edit]

Main article: Alshain Regulars

Just as the Alshain Military District was formed from the remaining worlds of the Rasalhague Military District not ceded to the Free Rasalhague Republic, the Alshain Regulars consisted of former Rasalhague Regular troops. The Alshain Regulars suffered heavy losses in the Clan Invasion during their failed defense of their district, with the survivors renamed under the banner of the free floating Alshain Avengers.

Alshain Avengers[edit]

Main article: Alshain Avengers

Created from the surviving remnants of the Alshain Regulars, the Alshain Avengers were formed after the conquest of their military district capital Alshain by Clan Ghost Bear. Their sole objective is to retake their home world and drive the invaders from Combine space, the Avengers eventually staged an unauthorized invasion of Alshain which triggered the Combine-Ghost Bear War and their destruction.

Night Stalkers[edit]

Main article: Night Stalkers

Night Stalkers
Insignia of the Nightstalkers

Shin Legion[edit]

Main article: Shin Legion (Brigade)

Originally a Capellan Confederation brigade fleeing Romano Liao's purges, the regiments of Shin Legion elected to join the Draconis Combine. Despite showing unswerving loyalty to their new home, the Legion was considered a foreign brigade by the DCMS high command, with continual poor treatment leading them to accept Chancellor Sun-Tzu Liao's offer to return home without reprisals in 3061.[10] [11]

The final Regiment of the Brigade was destroyed on Necromo during the Jihad.[12]

Draconis Elite Strike Teams[edit]

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The Draconis Combine's premier special forces unit, members of the Draconis Elite Strike Teams frequently work closely with the Internal Security Force to eliminate threats to the Combine.

Military Academies[edit]

Aerospace and Interstellar Institute[edit]


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An Ting University[edit]

An Ting University.gif

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Dover Institute of Higher Learning[edit]


Located on Benjamin, the Dover Institute grew out of the destroyed People's Reconstruction Effort (PRE). The Institute trains MechWarriors to think before they act, and can spend days dissecting a single simulator battle. Since the military academy is part of a larger, civilian institute; MechWarriors often have a more liberal background in literature and the sciences than graduates of other military training centers.

Dieron District Gymnasium[edit]


One of the least prestigious academies in the Draconis Combine, DDG is essentially what its name implies. Cadets have the freedom to take what what courses they desire, which are often hastily assembled and meet in a corner of the massive gym. Once a cadet has accumulated enough class time, he or she can earn a sort of "pass" for simulator time. Once enough sim hours have been logged, they qualify for a live-fire session. Some cadets take their time graduating, while others hurry out as quickly as possible; but all are battle-ready. DDG, which is located on Shionoha, only graduates around fifteen MechWarriors a year, but they are generally the most well-prepared graduates.

Internal Security College[edit]


Located on New Samarkand, the ISC is the required academy for the Combine's feared Internal Security Force. The enrollment lists are classified, and classes include espionage, interrogation and terrorism. Nevertheless, a significant number of graduates end up serving the ISF from within the DCMS, often keeping tabs on their fellows.

Minoru Kurita University[edit]


Coordinator Minoru Kurita established this "university" around the fall of the Star League in preparation for the fighting that he believed was to come (and did, in the form of the Succession Wars). MKU is known for churning out infantrymen as fast as possible, with their first battle often serving as their final exam. Due to the exceptionally high rate of failure of this final, MKU boasts few alumni.

Pagoda for Luthien Officers[edit]


Located on the capital of Luthien, PLO trains MechWarriors and aerospace fighter pilots. The pagoda mostly caters to nobles who will not see actual combat. It focuses on social niceties rather than military training, though such classes are available for students who wish to pursue them. It is the rare student who avails him- or herself of all of the resources at the academy to earn a real education. The highest ranking of the pagoda's alumni is Isoroku Kurita, who was one such cadet.

Sun Zhang MechWarrior Academy[edit]


Located on the original capital of New Samarkand, SZMA is especially notable in that it graduates the most MechWarriors per year of any training facility in the Inner Sphere, over 400. SZMA also has an aerospace fighter pilot program. It is often considered the most prestigious military academy in the Draconis Combine and all of its graduates receive a daisho. SZMA boasts Theodore and Hohiro Kurita among its alumni.

Sun-Tzu School of Combat[edit]


The school of combat instructs all of its cadets in combined-arms warfare, no matter their specialty. STSC is notable in that it is the only school to award a daisho to graduates in all modes of study. Hohiro Kurita attended STSC before completing his training at SZMA, as his father Theodore believes in STSC's approach to warfare.

University of Proserpina[edit]

University of Proserpina.jpg

Located on the border world of Proserpina, UP is one of the centers of advanced technology in the Draconis Combine. Infantry crews, MechWarriors, and pilots are all trained at UP, which was one of the first military training facilities to offer a battle armor program.

Wisdom of the Dragon[edit]


Wisdom is more akin to a finishing school or an officer school than a traditional military academy. In fact, only officers and officer candidates may take part in the program. It is not uncommon for seasoned officers to attend the school for refreshers. Regardless of whether an individual received one elsewhere or not, all graduates are given a daisho.



Military Ranks[edit]

The DCMS has used the same basic rank system for nearly four hundred years, with Theodore Kurita making two minor modifications, assigning the rank of Tai-shu to all Warlords and adjusting the other high-level ranks in response as well as assigning Japanese names to all enlisted ranks as a gesture of respect for their increasing worth to the Combine military.

All DCMS ranks use stylized kanji numerals as insignia, worn on the left collar of their uniform on small colored rectangle designating their service branch. For samples of the DCMS rank images, please see the Draconis Combine Mustered Soldiery Rank Insignia page.

Those colors are:

  • Cherry Red - MechWarrior
  • Yellow - AeroSpace Pilot
  • Dark Green - DropShip/JumpShip Crew
  • Light Green - Support Personnel
  • Dark Brown - Infantry
  • Light Blue - Combat Vehicle Crew
  • Purple - Artillery Crew
DCMS Rank DCA Rank Support Rank
Commissioned Officers
Tai-shu (Warlord)
Tai-sho (General) Tai-sho (Admiral)
Sho-sho (Brigadier General) Sho-sho (Commodore)
Tai-sa (Colonel) Captain
Chu-sa (Lieutenant Colonel) Sho-sa (Commander)
Sho-sa (Major) Dai-i (Lieutenant Commander)
Tai-i (Captain) Chu-i (Lieutenant) Senior Master Chief Petty Officer
Chu-i (Lieutenant) Sho-i (Ensign) Master Chief Petty Officer
Enlisted Ranks
Sho-ko (Sergeant Major) Sho-ko (Sergeant Major) Chief Petty Officer
Kashira (Talon Sergeant) Kashira (Talon Sergeant) Petty Officer
Shujin (Master Sergeant) Shujin (Master Sergeant)
Gunsho (Sergeant) Gunsho (Sergeant)
Go-cho (Corporal) Go-cho (Corporal)
Gunjin (Lance Corporal) Gunjin (Lance Corporal)
Heishi (Private) Heishi (Private)
Hojuhei (Recruit) Hojuhei (Recruit)


Uniforms of the DCMS[edit]

Warships of the Draconis Combine[edit]

  • unnamed


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