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Character Birthday: December 22, 3049

Character Place of Birth: Alaska, Terra

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Personnel Profile:[edit]

A trueborn warrior from Clan Wolf, he was one of their firsts Elstars (they actually had secretly begun their Elstar project prior to their invasion of the Inner Sphere, long before the Jade Falcons had begun theirs). Shortly after the creation of his sibko, the facility was captured by forces from the Federated Commonwealth in search of equipment, but they found the genetic repositories instead. Consequently, he was to be raised in a Davion family. The year is now 3073, and he is 24 years old.

Despite being raised so far isolated from Clan culture, he managed to develop a fighting style not dissimilar to the honorbound rules of engagement that the Clans use, which has helped him gain popularity in the Solaris games despite not having the upperhand.