I have been a fan of Battletech since I found the 2nd Edition box in my local bookstore in the mid 80's. I read the novels in high school and college, ran many a game in the basement of the dorm or in my apartment, and destroyed multitudes of mechs via my pc and various Mechwarrior games. Admittedly, I have only played the game sparingly over the last few years, but I have been a big fan of the deep and detailed storyline of the Inner Sphere since day one. I have all of the classic novels, sourcebooks, technical readouts, and I am finishing up the Jihad. While my level of involvement has fluctuated, my interest in Battletech has never left me even after almost two decades.

My goal here on is to add those little details from the universe that often get missed as most people focus on the mechs and weapons. Alien species, companies, universities and all the details that give Battletech depth and character. Also, in my opinion, this would make Sarna a great tool for anyone running a rpg in the universe. As I have run a few of those types of games, having a detailed resource at hand would have made life simpler!

UPDATE - Life is full of strange turns. Here is hoping I can become more helpful around here as my life is hopefully settling down a bit.

[edit] Personal Goals:

  • Add references to all known alien species and the worlds in which they may be found - Status: Added several, but taking a break
  • Add a listing for all known companies and their homeworlds within the Inner Sphere - Status: Have most of the companies from the House Steiner, House Kurita, and The Periphery (1988) done. I have started on House Davion, but still have a few more to go.
  • Add articles and information on what sparks my interests as I re-read my sourcebook collection.

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