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About Me[edit]

Just some guy, with far too much time on his hands. Editing articles from work and home as a hobby and relax.


  • Clan Bloodnames
  • Include a little bit of narrative in some of the sections, particularly those for the annihilated/abjured Clans, to indicate just how dead (or not) those Bloodnames are.
  • Finish any tables issues and fix the ending of the tables to include references
  • 3145 Unit Review and Updates
  • House Laio - DONE
  • House Kurita - DONE
  • House Davion - Started and ongoing
  • House Marik - Not started
  • House Steiner - Not started
  • RotS - Not Started
  • Clans - Not Started
  • Mercs - Not Started
  • Periphery - Not Started