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Capellan Hussars[edit]

From 3064 until 3067 the brigade fight in every major campign for the CCAF

3063 an assassin was captured in space and later executed
3063 a St. Ives supporter tried to make a suicide run on the palace but was shot down
3066 a killer was stopped in the palace by a security guard.
3065 the commanding officer suffer heavy wounds because testing new equipment and lead the unit since them only honorly
  • Holdfast Guard
3063 - 3065 the Guards act as bodyguard for the members of the St. Ives against the aggression from the other Capellan citizens.
After the attempt to kill the leader of Free Capella Treyhang Liao on Bell, the Blackwind Lancers make a short visit on Highspire. The Guard repell the assault with to Battlion in support of the Hell's Black Aces. They followed the invaders back to Chesterton and beat them on the planet again.

Warrior Houses and Death Commandos[edit]

During the last years the unit fight in the Chaos March and against the Clans equally.

The unit was temperatly under Maskirovka watch because the rumor between a connection of Ion Rush and Candace Liao.
In a mock fight for the right which unit will fight for the Taurian ally the House lost against House Lu Sann.
This House secured Tikonov for the CCAF after they defeated the remaining 23rd Arcturan Guards and the Free Republic Revolutionaries which were destroyed.
Grand Base (the homebase) were attacked by a pro taurian forces at battalion level, they were defeated but the damage were higher then expected.
The House serve the Taurian ally since 3067 on Carthage with easy.
The unit fought lately in the Chaos March.
In a series of training battles, the unit show the capabilities against the Holdfast Guard on Capella.
The rebuilding process carry on and the Maskirovka watch the unit because their past.

Stationed in the Magistracy to secure the border against the Fronc Reaches, because the former colonies demand the inclusion of Detroit to their territory. The CO of the unit made a personal present to the Reaches with a clear message.

Confederation Reserve Cavalry[edit]

The units of this brigade were tasked to fight as a mobile reserve in case of a nationwide invasion. The regiments were redeployed after some years in a commonality to another.

Circeled along the FedCom border the unit must watch the heavy sabotage of the WarShip Ilsa Hyung in 3067 on Necromo.

The former CO was killed in a fight about a dispute through the commander of the armor forces with his Po tank.

The unit defeated the Shen-sè Tian in a running battle on Zanzibar in 3064 and on Muridox they faced two battalions from Kerry Wung (a pirate leader).
The unit was stationed on two planets where they fought during the St. Ives conflict. The command had no difficulties with the local people.
The unit stand to the CCAF even when the MAF called all forces back to counter any Hegemony invasion.

Capellan Defense Force[edit]

The unit was tasked with the defense of the Capellan Commonality and its production lines. The brigade has grown to 3 commands.

  • 1st Capellan Defense Force
The regiment fight two times in the Chaos March, lately when the mercs command Little Richard's Panzer Brigade was destroyed on Genoa.
  • 2nd Capellan Defense Force
The unit rebuild after the losses from the St. Ives conflict. The command developed new tactics for their conventional forces.
  • 3rd Capellan Defense Force
Created as a training unit, most members came from Gei-fu.

Victoria Commonality Rangers[edit]

Understrength and overtasked the brigade give its best to secure the border to the Federated Suns.
The unit fought against the Davions during the Civil war when the commands have no central authority. The command fight on Frazer.
The unit defended Detroit against the Calderon Commandos. Fight occured later on Hellespont and in Reaches territory in defense of the taurian ally. Returend home to the Confederation they defend now Victoria.


The brigade was the major force who fight many times in the Chaos March to increase the Capellan influence.

  • Phyr’s (Kamakura’s) Hussars
On Pleione the command routed a resistance movement from the Free Capella out. The CO died during the operation under natural circumstances.

The aerospace wing supported the reinforcement operation in the Tikonov system. During the short fight between this force and a Davion wing both commanding officers were killed in action.
The unit is troublesome. In the last few years on several occasion the unit fight against the WoB and is under the watch of the Maskirovka.
This training cadre suffered heavy losses in the last round of fighting in the Chaos March. The only success was that they paid them dearly and captured a huge amount of salvage from the battlefield.

McCarron’s Armored Cavalry[edit]

The brigade is tasked with the integration as a line force in the CCAF. Many officers try to achieve victories to earn the right of a noble title.

  • 1st McCarron’s Armored Cavalry
Tasked with the security of the borders on both fronts, the unit lately became a babysitter for the 467th Division from ComStar. The Division accuse local forces for the losses through terrorist attacks.
  • 2nd McCarron’s Armored Cavalry
In 3066 elements of this unit supported Ambermarle’s Highlanders, a unit which suffered heavy casaulities from pro League sympathizers, for a reprisal attack on Zion. The defending Third Free Worlds League Guard was surprised by the Cavalry. The defenders stood no change to win the battle only the orders to come home saved the unit from annihilation.
  • 3rd McCarron’s Armored Cavalry
The unit is frustrated because they saw no active operation in the last years. They couldn't provoke the Davions for a cross border assault.
  • 4th McCarron’s Armored Cavalry
Faith McCarron and her company fought elements of the Jie Fang Legion which was responsible for the near destruction of the WarShip Ilsa Hyung. After the victory the Cavalry take no salvage to remember the enemy of the CCAF.
  • 5th McCarron’s Armored Cavalry
The 'training cadre' was increased its loyalty rating, but lost all supporting assets in this progress.

Citizens’ Honored[edit]

The four regiments fought hard to earn their reputation in the last years to loyalty and hard fighting.

  • 4th Tau Ceti Rangers
Since the border to the FWL became dangerous, the Rangers secured three different worlds sometimes. But no fight occurred during this period.
  • 15th Dracon
The unit was expanded with the integration of supporting assets and was the second half of a ready response force for any possible border raids.
  • Lockhardt’s Ironsides
The unit was on loan to the Canopian ally and secured the bridge between the two states, Joppa.
  • Laurel’s Legion
The unit demand the return of Tigress (Laurel’s World) back in to the Confederation but until now with no success. The unit increase their conventional forces through the a 2 battalion strong infantry unit.

Capellan Brigade[edit]

In victories and defeats, shifts in loyalty and force composition, the Capellan Brigade saw the greatest changes in the past four years. Some of this was fate’s decree, and some was the mark of jealous commands trying to make more of themselves than they were ready to be.

  • Ambermarle’s Highlanders
In 3066 the unit suffer heavy damage through terrorists. Rumors suggest that the CO make contact with the 2nd McCarron to visit the terrorist at home. The defending 3rd Free Worlds Guard had no change to achieve a victory.
  • Harloc’s Raiders
The Raiders made a short border raids with to goal in minds first to support the operation of Ambermarle’s Highlanders and second to bloody the nose of the Steel Guard on their home planet. The raid was a success.
  • Marshigama’s Legionnaires
With the support of the Magistracy-employed Dragonslayers the Legionnaires make a border raid against Conquista. The defending First Legionnaires retreat in face of such a superior enemy force. After then they make another raid. This time Andurien was their goal but the defenders were prepared. The defending First Legionnaires with a rage that surprised the invading force. The CCAF unit suffer heavy damage after the retreat of the Dragonslayer.
  • Shin Legion
Since the unit rejoined the CCAF, the attached more conventional forces to this command, and begin a training cycle to increase their skills.
  • St. Cyr’s Armored Hussars
The unit sought after a change to prove their worth and secretly prepared an assault. The Hussars were “convinced” through a McCarrons regiment to return home in the Confederation.

St. Ives Armored Cavalry[edit]

All regiments suffer some personal after the Civil war but any deployment outside the Commonality need the approval of the Duchess.

  • 1st St. Ives Lancers
Elements fought under Kai Allard-Liao with the allies against Katrina Steiner Davion on New Avalon. After the end of this internal conflict were attached to the defense of Tikonov.
  • 2nd St. Ives Lancers
After the losses of the Civil war the unit rebuilt their conventional forces with ease and retained their elite status through hard training.
  • St. Ives Academy of Martial Sciences Training Group
The cadre was rebuilt from the ground after the near destruction during the latest bout of fighting.

St. Ives Janissaries[edit]

The demi-brigade is regarded as the black sheep of the entire CCAF, but the Strategios sent one of them to the Magistracy.

  • 1st Janissaries
The unit patrol the Davion border to counter any possible incursion that never come until now.
  • 2nd Janissaries
The command was "loaned" to the Magistracy to increase the defence of the realm.

St. Ives Sentinels[edit]

Like the Janissaries considered in the past as treator this attitude changed over the years with the promotion of new key personnel.

  • Roman’s Mounted Fusiliers

After a heavy personnel change the unit stands ready to defend the Commonality again.

  • Devon’s Armored Infantry
The unit defend Ceres Metals on Indicass together with the Khorsakov’s Cossacks against a raiding force of an unknown faction. The Maskirovka take all POW for a deep investigation and "special treatment".


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