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Units of the GBD KungsArmé (3076)[edit]

With the absorption of the Free Rasalhague Republic into the Ghost Bear Dominion, the KungsArmé was likewise integrated into the Clan Ghost Bear Touman. To assist with their eventual full merger into the Bears Touman and disbandment of the KungsArmé, the surviving regiments of the old KungsArmé were split into Clusters, with newly formed units named after ones lost during the Clan Invasion.[1][2]

Tundra Galaxy[edit]

CO: General (Galaxy Commander) Rhett Weaver
XO: Star Colonel Hjalmer Olsen

  • 1st Drakøn - Veteran/Reliable (Fanatical) Orestes 70%
  • 3rd Drakøn - Veteran/Questionable (Fanatical) Rasalhague 60%
  • 1st Hussars - Regular/Reliable (Fanatical) Pinnacle 65%
  • 3rd Hussars - Green/Questionable (Reliable) Orestes 25%

Taiga Galaxy[edit]

CO: General (Galaxy Commander) Jeffery Cizek
XO: Star Colonel Signa Pegrem

  • 1st Freemen - Elite/Reliable (Fanatical) Soverzene 60%
  • 2nd Freemen - Regular/Reliable (Fanatical) Orestes 15%
  • 3rd Freeman - Veteran/Questionable (Reliable) Engadin 60%

Polar Galaxy[edit]

CO: General (Galaxy Commander) Amy Findlay
XO: Star Colonel Terje Pedersen

  • 1st Kavalleri - Regular/Questionable (Reliable) Satalice 45%
  • 2nd Kavalleri - Regular/Reliable (Reliable) Krenice 70%
  • 3rd Kavalleri - Veteran/Reliable (Reliable) Polcenigo 70%
  • 4th Kavalleri - Veteran/Reliable (Fanatical) Ueda 75%

Rasalhague Galaxy[edit]

CO: saKhan Ragnar Magnusson
XO: Star Colonel Hanssen Månsdottir


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