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The regional militia in its modern shape are an result of the former Federated Commonwealth. The critique for the establishment of such an structure were loud because many saw similarities with the strategy of the former Archon Lestrade, the Concentrated Weakness. Many were convinced by the support of the AFFS in their own RCT system.

When Lyran Alliance separate its self from the Federated Suns the Militia remained. The reformation of the militia structure by the High Command was only welcomed by few. Many commands had lost their home planet but that was only temporary. With the constant rotation of new soldiers in the units the situation changed. Now the militia units contains members from their region. [1]

Commanding Officer[edit]

It exist no overall command. Every militia falls under the responsibility of the regional commander of the Theater/Province.[1]


The militia are built like a smaller Regimental Combat Team. Usually a 'Mech regiment is supported by 2 armor and 5 infantry regiments. The fighters fall under the authority of the CO from the 'Mech force. The supply situation is fair but the priority of the regular commands are higher. Only a few machines in such commands are refitted with new equipment. Every command poses integral DropShips assets but lacking JumpShips capacity. [1]

Active Brigades[edit]

Freedom Theater Militia[edit]

Skye Province Militia[edit]

Pandora Theater Milita[edit]

Donegal Province Militia[edit]

This commands are not active in 3062

Melissia Theater Militia[edit]

Coventry Province Militia[edit]

Timbuktu Theater Militia[edit]

Alarion Province Militia[edit]

Cavanaugh II Theater Militia[edit]

Bolan Province Militia[edit]

Deactivated Brigades[edit]

Periphery March Militia[edit]

Sarna March Militia[edit]

Tamar March Militia[edit]

Tamarind March Militia[edit]

Donegal March Militia[edit]

Skye March Militia[edit]


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