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Terran Hegemony[edit]


First Army[edit]

I Corps[edit]

X Corps[edit]

XXI Corps[edit]

Federated Suns[edit]


Second Army[edit]

IX Corps[edit]

XVI Corps[edit]

XXIX Corps[edit]

LII Corps[edit]

Third Army[edit]

XVII Corps[edit]

XXXIII Corps[edit]

LXVI Corps[edit]

LXIX Corps[edit]

Fourth Army[edit]

XXXVII Corps[edit]

LIV Corps[edit]

LXII Corps[edit]

LXX Corps[edit]

Capellan Confederation[edit]


Fifth Army[edit]

XXIV Corps[edit]

LV Corps[edit]

LX Corps[edit]

Sixth Army[edit]

XXXVIII Corps[edit]

LXIII Corps[edit]

LVII Corps[edit]

Seventh Army[edit]

LIII Corps[edit]

LVIII Corps[edit]

LXXI Corps[edit]

Free Worlds League[edit]


Eighth Army[edit]

III Corps[edit]

VII Corps[edit]

XIX Corps[edit]

XXV Corps[edit]

Ninth Army[edit]

XVIII Corps[edit]


XII Corps[edit]


XXXIV Corps[edit]


XLI Corps[edit]


Tenth Army[edit]

IV Corps[edit]

XIII Corps[edit]

XXVI Corps[edit]

XXXIX Corps[edit]

Lyran Commonwealth[edit]

Eleventh Army[edit]


V Corps[edit]

XXVII Corps[edit]

XLIX Corps[edit]

LI Corps[edit]

Twelfth Army[edit]

II Corps[edit]

XXX Corps[edit]

XLII Corps[edit]

LXI Corps[edit]

Thirteenth Army[edit]

VI Corps[edit]

XX Corps[edit]

XXVIII Corps[edit]

XXXI Corps[edit]

Draconis Combine[edit]

Fourteenth Army[edit]

VIII Corps[edit]

XIV Corps[edit]

XXII Corps[edit]

XXXII Corps[edit]

Fifteenth Army[edit]

XV Corps[edit]

XXIII Corps[edit]

XXXV Corps[edit]

XL Corps[edit]

Sixteenth Army[edit]

XI Corps[edit]

XXXVI Corps[edit]

XLIV Corps[edit]

L Corps[edit]


Seventeenth Army[edit]

Magistracy of Canopus Military Region

XLIII Corps[edit]

XLVIII Corps[edit]

LXXII Corps[edit]

Eighteenth Army[edit]

XLV Corps[edit]

LXIV Corps[edit]

LXVIII Corps[edit]

Nineteenth Army[edit]

Taurian Concordat Military Region

XLV Corps[edit]

LXIV Corps[edit]

LXVIII Corps[edit]

Twentieth Army[edit]

XLVII Corps[edit]

LIX Corps[edit]

LXVII Corps[edit]


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