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The Wars of Reaving

Before the War[edit]

  • 3060
  • Clan Nova Cat is Abjured because of the cooperation with the Inner Sphere during Operation Bulldog [1] => many Clans tried to use the Choas with the goal to expand their territory through assaults
  • Clan Ghost Bear relocate most of its population to the occupation zone with the assistance of Clan Diamond Shark and Snow Raven, namly [1]
  • Conclusion - with the retreat of two clans and one how was annihilated by the Inner Sphere the political balance getting unstable and many clans fight trials of position over the next years [1]
  • 3061
  • April- Clan Steel Viper strikes at the shared Occupation Zone (2 waves: 1st - 13 world + 2nd - 7 worlds) at the Jade Falcons because the Leaders allowed freebirth warriors to control worlds [1] that attempt was a great failsure
  • the Steel Vipers retreat after requesting hegira from the Falcons [1]
  • Clan Wolf make an alliance with the Hells Horses. In exchange for three Inner Sphere Worlds the Horses defend the Border against their ancient enemy, the Ghost Bears. [2]
  • 3064
  • Clan Hell's Horses strikes at the Ghost Bear Dominion in the wake of the Dominion War [2]
  • Clan Ghost Bear started a counter attack and reclaimed all lost worlds, [2] addtional the three Horses worlds were conquered too. Clan Wolf lost also Gunzburg and Rasalhague as a reminder of the strength of the Bears. [3]
  • Scavenger Wars (3060 - 3066)
  • The Clans fought many trials of position for the former Smoke Jaguar territory (Hoard, Huntress, Brim and Delios). The frustration of the Home Clans lead to destructions unknown to the Clans for century. Small skirmishes expand into full battle at galaxy level. Even when the outcome was clear the defeated side destroyed the trial object. [3]
  • late 3060's
  • With the relocation of Clan Ghost Bear to the Inner Sphere, several Clans (Hell's Horses, Steel Viper and Star Adder) gained more power among the Home Clans [1]

Clan Blood Spirit[edit]

  • 3066-3067
  • The Spirits fight for their survival against the Star Adders on York. After several humiliating defeats at the Adders hand, the leaders of the Clan used a new strategy. The Adders facing now only second rate troops had no clue of the coming invasion of Arcadia by the Spirits. In 3067 the leaders of the Blood Spirits decide to start an counter assault and used their Fire Mandrill allies for a joint taskforce. Iota Galaxy in support of the Fire Mandrill warship Rancor raided Tathis successfully. After the assault, Iota Galaxy relocate to Honor. The Adders lost the Vritra over York in an engagement with the three remaining Spirit Warships. [4]
  • 3067
  • During a raid at the Star Adders holdings on Tathis and Arcadia, 2 JumpShips with secret orders sepertate from the raiding force. Their task was to explore unknown space near the Kerensky Cluster for future colonisation. The first ship Cyprus Dream explored several planets with no positive results. The second ship Coral Gulf discovered a system with two worlds suited for new colonies. The Spirits established new holdings on Haven and Honor. Because Haven had a shorter distance to the sun it received most of the colonists and the 42nd Crimson Vanguard Cluster for defense. [1]

Clan Burrock[edit]

Clan Cloud Cobra[edit]

Clan Coyote[edit]

Clan Diamond Shark[edit]

Clan Fire Mandrill[edit]

  • 3061 - 3067
Amanda Carrol create during her reign as Khan of the Fire Mandrills an alliance among the stronger Kindraas which broke when Kindraa Beyl-Grant tried to get the saKhan title. Beyl-Grant had support from Kindraa Kline and the defending Kindraa Sainze mae an attemp to get the support of Faraday-Tanaga and Mick-Kreese. Kindraa Faraday-Tanaga oppose the move because they thaught any member of Kindraa Sainze with power will lead to the doom of the entire Clan. Mick-Kreese used their forces and even one warship to convince Kindraa Kline to pull back. Kindraa Sainze was frustrated and assaulted Beyl-Grant with several Clusters. Beyl-Grant were overwhelmed by the ferocity. Only the arrival of Faraday-Tanaga +

Payne forces saved the Kindraa from total destruction. Sainze further struck at Kline for their support of Kindraa Beyl-Grant. Weakend by the latest fightings between the different Kindraas , Beyl-Grant create a new Kindraa with Payne. Sainze renewed their attacks at Kline , which was only stop by negotiations througth the help of the Blood Spirit ilChi. Because the Kindraa Beyl-Grant-Payne was to strong for Sainze Kindraa Kline had no other choice to calm the situation by the tranfer of many resources to Sainze. Amanda Carrol lost a vote of confidence. The Fire Mandrills had no longer a Khan. [5]

  • 3067
  • In support for their Spirit allies, the Kindraa Mick-Kreese send 2 Clusters (11th Battle Force Cluster + 32nd Vanguard Battle Cluster) from Shadow to raid, in a joint task force, Tathis. The Kindraa Kline were jealous about Mick-Kreese and send three clusters from Shadow and Foster to Tathis. The landing of the Kline forces during the fight were disastrous for the Kindraa. From the three Clusters (27th Vanguard Cluster + 31st Vanguard Cluster + 42nd Vanguard Cluster) only one survived. Kindraa Mick-Kreese used the situation to blackmail Kindraa Kline. It has only two choices: to face the revenge Star Adder or join forces with Mick-Kreese. Kline chose the first option and the new Kindraa Mick-Kreese-Kline was born. [5]

Clan Ghost Bear[edit]

  • 3060s
  • The Bears relocated most of their population to their Inner Sphere holdings with the support of Clan Snow Raven and Diamond Shark in exchange of resources and territory. [1]

Clan Goliath Scorpion[edit]

Clan Hell's Horses[edit]

  • 3060-3064
  • The leaders of Clan Hell's Horses agreed to defend 3 planets in the Wolf occupation zone in exchange for right to control them against an possible Clan Ghost Bear attack. Khan Malavai Fletcher tried to show the strength of his troops and raided several Bear planets during the Dominion War. The response of the Ghost Bears was quick and brutal. The Horses lost all planets to the Bears. The lose of face was enough to overthrow the reign of Khan Fletcher. He lost his life during a trial against James Cobb. He became the new Khan of the Horses. [3]

Clan Ice Hellion[edit]

Clan Jade Falcon[edit]

  • April 3061
  • Clan Steel Viper start an assault on 13 worlds which are controlled by the Falcons and expand their attack to 7 more planets in the second wave. [3]. The Falcons start an offensive against the Steel Vipers. The Vipers retreat after a humiliating defeat of the Viper Khan against a Falcon freeborn Warrior. [3]

Clan Mongoose[edit]

Clan Nova Cat[edit]

Clan Sea Fox[edit]

Clan Smoke Jaguar[edit]

Clan Snow Raven[edit]

Clan Star Adder[edit]

  • 3059 - 3064
  • After the successful Trial of Absorption of Clan Burrock, the new members of the clans had issues to integrate into the new society. The Clan leaders of the Adders chose two options to calm the situation. First they create the Burrock 'Mech to honor the spirit of the former Clan. The Second option was to continue the hostility with the Blood Spirits. From the beginning 3063 until August 3064 the number of raids increaed and ended in a fullscale invasion of the Spirit world, York. The loses of Clan Blood Spirit were serious, including one of the few remaining Warships of the Clan (Blood Fury). [6]
  • late 3060's
  • During the fighting for the former Smoke Jaguar holdings, the Clan claimed new territory one three worlds. Some minor fights erupted on Hoard against Clan Wolf and Clan Ice Hellion. On Marshall and Huntress Clan Jade Falcon lost land to the Adders to. Even the Steel Vipers were defeated during the fight for Homer. [6]

Clan Steel Viper[edit]

Clan Stone Lion[edit]

Clan Widowmaker[edit]

Clan Wolf[edit]

  • 3060
  • The Bears attacked Clan Wolf in 3060. As an result Khan Ward make an agreement with Clan Hell's Horses, because the touman of the Clan was to weak. In exchange for 3 planets, the Horses will defend the new gained territory against any agression of the Bear. [2]

Clan Wolf-in-Exile[edit]

Clan Wolverine[edit]


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