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Machine Guns[edit]

Look, just because there is confusion going on with regards to Machine Guns and what they can do over on MWO doesn't mean you can use this wiki to justify trying to win arguments. I don't like people editing articles to do that and I don't like being accused of anything. If you want to make your point in an honest fashion just use the following information, which is already available in the article and in linked articles:

  • Machine Guns weigh half a ton, which makes them far to heavy for any person to carry much less fire and makes them more similar to modern-day autocannons, which can and do defeat armored vehicles.
  • Machine Gun bullets range in calibre from 20mm on up typically, which again in modern-day nomenclature would make it an autocannon, which can and do defeat armored vehicles.
  • Support Machine Guns are basically the version of Machine Gun which can be used by infantry and is already cited in the article. Their entry from the RPG book is such:

Support Machine Gun: Mounted on vehicles and emplacement turrets, this is too massive for a single trooper to carry. It has an extraordinary range for a slug-throwing weapon and fires a round that can damage even heavily-armored vehicles. The recoil rating accounts for built-in recoil compensation as well as a static mount; no additional recoil compensation can be added.

  • Just hit them with the Piranha, specifically this tidbit from its TRO entry:

Such a large array of machine guns can be deadly to units twice the Piranha's size, especially if the small 'Mech can run behind the enemy. At short range, a Piranha can chew through any opponent's rear armor almost instantly. The machine guns are also extremely potent antipersonnel weapons. Because the Clans rarely use unarmored infantry, it is safe to assume that the Piranha was created in direct response to battles with Inner Sphere forces.

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No personal attacks[edit]

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Welcome to and thank you for improving the coverage of Machine Guns here. In an edit summary, you claim that another editor has an agenda, which violates Policy:No personal attacks. Please keep your comments here to constructive discussions directed at improving the wiki. --Scaletail (talk) 15:51, 14 April 2013 (PDT)

Twelve Series XII Rotary[edit]

Nice try with the red herring argument. Quoting a Clan Tech MG and trying to argue for a standard MG with it is a nice slight of hand I'm sure no-one will notice. create an account and argue your points before defacing the site with you Agenda.

This is not a site for MWO. — The preceding unsigned comment was provided by (talkcontribs) on 28 April 2013.

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