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Wikipedia does have some things that are not here, but very few. As far as inter-wiki linking: since both BTW and WP use the GFDL license, we can freely copy information between wikis so long as we give credit. This can be done on BTW by providing a link back to WP through the Wikipeida Template which you can use by typing {{Wikipedia|archived page ID|page name on WP}}. For example, the template on Melissa Steiner looks like this: {{wikipedia|84109630|List_of_BattleTech_characters}}. This will link to the archived page "84109630" because that's the version of "List of BattleTech characters" where the info on BTW was taken from. The info has since been modified, but we leave the template up to give credit to the author of the original seed.

What this all means is that, if you want to copy articles from WP, go ahead and do it, just use the Wikipedia template to give credit to the original author(s).

Thank you for taking the time to figure out how this works and ask questions, rather than just jumping in and messing something up. If you need anything, just ask me on my talk page. Scaletail 18:57, 1 August 2007 (CDT)