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Regulus IV[edit]

Hy, welcome to sarna. Please can you add references to your writen Regulus IV article, thanks.--Doneve 07:34, 26 July 2012 (PDT)

Following on from Doneve's comments, it looks as if your article qualifies as Fanon, because it doesn't refer to official canon material but is instead an ongoing work of fiction. As such, you should probably take a look at the policy here on Fanon: Policy:Fanon. In short, while Fanon used to be recorded here on Sarna, the decision was made last year that Sarna would become canon-only, with Fanon material instead being moved to the fanon BattleTech wiki. BrokenMnemonic 07:38, 26 July 2012 (PDT)

How does one create and add content?

Um... I believe every word on this site is fiction. So i am unclear about what constitutes fanon -vs- canon. Perhaps I need your help in creating a star reference that exists but does not interfere with existing content. I thought i had done a good job by making it a polluted world from the first succession war. Perhaps I could add reference, perhaps not - dunno! LoreSkull 08:35, 26 July 2012 (PDT)

LoreSkull, you are correct that everything on this site is fiction because it is based off of an alternate universe as well as possible future events. Though here is the difference between fanon and canon. Fanon is where fans of the BattleTech universe create things, like you did with Regulus IV. Canon on the other hand, is information that comes from the creators of the game. FASA would be an example of the creators of the game who created the universe. Anything that they say becomes canon of the universe. DerangedShadow 08:42, 26 July 2012 (PDT)

I understand the need for cannon material made easily available. I appreciate the ability to search on keywords and receive accurate description. Keep up the good work.— The preceding unsigned comment was provided by LoreSkull (talkcontribs) .