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I'm just going to put this here so you have it. As Frabby mentioned, Sarna has stopped storing fanon, and the BattleTech Fanon Wiki will be happy to host it for you.--Mbear(talk) 08:05, 12 January 2016 (PST)

These entrees are by no means to be considered or part of the official story line of the Battletech.... I am a gamer who is participating in a campaign at a local game shop. Since there was no information about this particular battle group, I added my own story line to it.


The year is 2800, and the Rim World Republic decided they needed to create a guerrilla tactical lance. This lance they named Dark Matter. It was made up of 2 assault mechs and 2 medium mechs and was led by Lt. Mellissa O'Neil.

In their first battle, the went against the HOK and recovered 3 new mechs to add to their numbers, and captured a Black Jack. upon returning from her mission, Lt O'Neil requisitioned 4 new pilots and an additional mech (Dragon) to form her second lance she designated KillJoys.

Battle with Capellon Confederation

In the battle with Cap Con with the new lance Killjoys, we moved in fast and hard. Although we took heavy damage, we recovered 3 more mechs. We are now able to field 3 lances. This unit will be designated Ghost Protocol.

Ghost Protocol

We was sent into battle with House Steiner. Our mission was to capture an Overlord drop ship.

2 of our mechs was badly damaged but we was able to popped the head off an Atlas..... its pilot did not survive.

The jump on Taurian Cocordat

Upon planet fall, we proceeded to the Union-class jump ship we was ordered to capture. When we got there, we found the Taurian Cocordat there. The surprised reaction that they gave told us that they was not expecting us, which made us happy.

After a brief battle with us, they lost 1 of there tanks and a Guillotine.

After acquiring the jump ship we salvaged their tank and mech.

At this rate I will be able to start another company....


The higher ups sent word that they wanted us to destroy a House Davion mech repair facility. So we went in with the heaviest units we had.

Upon entering the zone we found that the mech facility was only protected by a token group. Although they did have 1 Atlas the rest was medium or lighter. After taking out their Atlas we open com them and told them we will allow them to leave if they leave behind the Atlas. They picked up their pilot and left we then finished the destruction of the repair facility.