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I am experimenting with better formatting for Sarna. Feel free to comment.

I have bolded all the section headers. I don't know if there's a way to unitalicize them, but if so I would prefer to do so.

Alt. Configs[edit]

At the moment, there are three different formatting styles used in the Alternate Configurations list; I'm not sure which one I prefer at the moment, and having all three there at once makes it easier to compare them for me. If seeing them mixed together makes it harder for you to decide, check the page history for the different formats by themselves.

  • The first style uses a collapsible table, my secret love of the Wiki world. It has the benefit of looking clean (that may be subjective) and being collapsible, which means if you don't want to scroll through that list of fifty mech variants you can hide them all with a single click!
  • The second style uses level four section headers, which I think look nice but take up a lot of vertical room. ATM they show up in the ToC, but most MediaWiki sites have some way to limit the depth of the ToC - I'm just not sure how to do it on Sarna.
  • The third style just bolds the variant name. I find this much easier to look at than the default, non-bolded style.

In addition, I've tried moving the weapon list for each variant into the infobox, as I find this is an infinitely easier way to quickly compare variants than reading the weapons out of prose. I have condensed the remaining prose re. the variant. Note that I haven't moved all of the variants to the infobox yet as it's somewhat time consuming and I'd rather be certain there's a chance of changing the MoS before continuing. If such a style is approved, it would probably be greatly beneficial to write a bot or script to simplify the process.

Some Guy (talk) 23:12, 7 March 2013 (PST)