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Uhm, How do i contribute?[edit]

Uhm, How do i contribute?

Ive looked around the wiki, and its pretty impressive, lots of info. but most of em are "Battletech Classic" you guys arent focusing on "Dark Age" stuff?

If i could, can i contribute some simple "Dark Age" Articles and stuff?

And maybe Update some of the Mechs Listed?(pictures of variants etc)

by the way, the maps featured in Planets (Wouldn it be better called "Systems And Planets"? you know, being many planets and moons and stuff in a Solar System and all) stoped in the year 3062, are the cartographers planning on expanding the timeline towards the "Dark Age" era?

and int the features maps, Systems without a jumproute(line going to and from them) how do they interact with the rest of the systems besides them? are there simply no way to jump into the system, or did they purposely not anyone jump to the planets( my lack of basic inner-sphere politics in these parts hinder my understanding ).

my e-mail is

i hope i can contribute to such a great place for Mechwarrior and Battletech Information. — The preceding unsigned comment was provided by (talkcontribs) .