VTOL Equipment

Battle Armor VTOL Equipment


VTOL Equipment was first invented by Clan Cloud Cobra for their Sylph Battle Armor in 3060. Suits equipped with VTOL capability are able to achieve consistent flight at ranges and speeds far greater than any other Battle Armor motive system, and remains a technical feat unmatched by Inner Sphere designers. The system does have limitations, the biggest of which is its constriction to humanoid designs less than 1,000 kilograms in mass (meaning it cannot be used on ProtoMechs)). Quadruped designs also cannot use VTOL Equipment.[1]


Game Rules[edit]

May only be used with PA(L)/Exoskeleton, Light and Medium Battle Armor. The respective weight and maximum VTOL MP of each system is: 30kg and 7; 40kg and 6; 60kg and 5. VTOL Equipment cannot be combined with any other non-Ground motive system.


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